How do I spend editor in chief?

How do I spend editor in chief?

Financial Times appoints Jo Ellison as editor of How To Spend It.

How do I spend my design editor?

This could be the first of many guest collaborations, said Jo Ellison, the title’s editor.

How do you spend editorial team?

  1. BEATRICE HODGKIN. Deputy Editor.
  2. TIM AULD. Executive Editor.
  3. RASHA KAHIL. Creative Director.
  4. ISABELLE KOUNTOURE. Style Director.
  5. JACKIE DALY. Assistant Editor.
  6. JESSICA BERESFORD. Fashion Features Editor.
  7. JO ELLISON. Editor.
  8. VIVIENNE BECKER. Jewellery Editor.

How do I spend my journalist?

The newspaper will fill her current role as fashion editor once Ellison succeeds Gillian de Bono as the head of its lucrative luxury supplement in September.

Who is Jo Elvin?

Jo Elvin is a multi-award winning editor and broadcaster who has launched and helmed some of Britain’s most successful women’s magazines. She is most well known as the editor in chief of Glamour, a title she launched in 2001 that rapidly became the biggest-selling women’s magazine in the UK and Europe.

Is Jo Elvin Australian?

Jo first came to London from Sydney, Australia in 1992, with about £400 to her name and a determination to work in British magazines.

How do I contact huisgenoot?

Huisgenoot’s winning recipe of news, human interest stories and advice is based on excellent articles that inform, entertain, educate and touch readers.

  1. Contact: [email protected].
  2. Website:
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What is the English version of huisgenoot?

Translation of huisgenoot in Dutch–English dictionary housemate [noun] (British) someone who lives in the same house as you, but who is not a member of your family. flatmate [noun] (British) someone who shares a flat/apartment with one or more other people.

Who is the editor of huisgenoot?

Yvonne Beyers
Yvonne Beyers is the current editor of Huisgenoot….Huisgenoot.

Editor Yvonne Beyers
Country South Africa
Language Afrikaans

What is huisgenoot magazine in?

Huisgenoot (Afrikaans for House Companion) is a weekly South African Afrikaans-language general-interest family magazine. It has the highest circulation figures of any South African magazine and is followed by sister magazine YOU, its English-language version.