How do I set up water service in DeKalb County?

How do I set up water service in DeKalb County?

To establish sanitation service, contact the county at (404) 294-2900 or Water service is provide by the DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management and must be established directly with them.

How do I disconnect water service in DeKalb County GA?

Service will be disconnected if payment is not received within 10 days of the disconnection notice date. Customer accounts may be eligible for an installment plan. For more information, please call (404) 378-4475.

Where does DeKalb County water come from?

The source for DeKalb County’s drinking water is the Chattahoochee River. DeKalb County has a Raw Water Pumping Station, in north Fulton County above the City of Atlanta. The Chattahoochee River begins as a small stream just north of the northeast Georgia community of Helen.

How do I contact DeKalb County?

County Departments

  1. DeKalb County General Information: 311 is DeKalb County’s phone number for government information and non-public-safety-related emergency services.
  2. email address:
  3. Phone Numbers: (404) 371-2000 or (404) 294-2000 or (404) 294-2311.

Where can I pay my water bill in DeKalb County?

If you are a DeKalb County Water customer, it’s easy to pay bills at your local Kroger store. That’s all thanks to Money Services – where you can pay utilities and other bills as you shop for groceries.

Is DeKalb County cutting off water?

DeKalb County will lift its five-year-old water service disconnection moratorium for residential water accounts on Sept. 1, 2021. Residential water service customers may avoid service disconnection in one of four ways, by: Paying the past due balance in full by Aug.

How do I dispute my water bill in DeKalb County?

If you have questions or concerns about your water bill, please call 404-378-4475. To dispute your bill, please call 404-371-3000. Click for more information on Water Billing.

Is DeKalb County Water Safe?

DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management provides its customers with high quality, safe drinking water that surpasses the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the State of Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) requirements.

Is DeKalb County GA water hard or soft?

soft water
Water Hardness Summary Georgia water is considered soft water.

Who is in charge of DeKalb County?

CEO Michael L. Thurmond
Thurmond. Michael L. Thurmond won a 2016 landslide victory to become chief executive officer of DeKalb County, one of the most diverse counties in the Southeast.