How do I see my reviews on 7 Cups?

How do I see my reviews on 7 Cups?

You can find the star review button in your chat window. We use your written reviews to give listeners direct feedback on how to improve. Please keep your reviews honest and thoughtful.

What is the purpose of 7 Cups?

7 Cups is an on-demand emotional health service and online therapy provider. Our bridging technology anonymously & securely connects real people to real listeners in one-on-one chat. Anyone who wants to talk about whatever is on their mind can quickly reach out to a trained, compassionate listener through our network.

Is 7 Cups of Tea reliable?

Plenty of people report a positive experience with 7 Cups, though, and say the service made a big difference in their overall well-being. A number of reviewers call their listeners supportive, relatable, and caring. Some people even say they made new friends through the site.

Does 7 Cups of Tea pay listeners?

no, listeners are volunteers and you don’ t have to pay for talking to them . so no need to stress for your finances : ) The same with the chatroom , the forums , the growth path , the self help guides , etc . The only paid option is the therapists and the personalized paths .

How do you get the listeners oath on 7 Cups?

Some badges can only be awarded by the 7 Cups of Tea staff. Others are awarded when a listener is nominated by their peer listeners, or by the very members they support. To nominate a listener for a badge, visit their profile and click on “Nominate For a New Badge.”

How do you get 7 Cups in hours?

If you click on my on “My Path” and then click on “Training & Certifications” it should take you to a page with a list of courses. If you then click on the “Certification” tab, then you should be able to find the number of hours you have volunteered for, as it should be under the chat hours tab.

How do you end a 7 Cup conversation?

There is a little ‘X’ button on the chat window that will end the chat and allow you to leave an anonymous review, it also notifies the listener that the chat has ended.

Do you get paid for 7 Cups?

All therapists billing through 7 Cups will be considered a 1099 contractor, and will be paid monthly by 7 Cups.

Can you get volunteer hours from 7 Cups?

Overview: All volunteer listeners have the ability to earn up to 10 levels of certification. These 10 levels are designed to highlight a listener’s volunteer work and achievements and can be used to prove time spent volunteering for internships, school programs, or professionally.

Where is 7 Cups located?

Virginia Beach, VA
Company Description: 7 Cups of Tea, Co. is located in Virginia Beach, VA, United States and is part of the Computer Systems Design and Related Services Industry.

What are cheers on 7 Cups of Tea?

7 Cups of Tea is a caring community. Listeners can earn Cheers, Badges and Compassion Hearts to help quantify their commitment to the community. As you get more cheers, you level up! The listener levels show how experienced a listener is….Cheers.

Completing Listener Training +20
Admin: Each Report Flagged +1

When did 7 Cups start?

July 2013
7 Cups (formerly called 7 Cups of Tea) is a website (also available in an app) which provides online therapy and free support to people experiencing emotional distress by connecting them with trained listeners….7 Cups.

Type of site Emotional support website
Commercial Yes
Launched July 2013
Current status Online