How do I reset my kubuntu desktop?

How do I reset my kubuntu desktop?

For quick reference, I’m giving the steps below.

  1. Log out of your kde desktop.
  2. Open a console session by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F1.
  3. Give your username and password.
  4. Run rm -rf .kde/share/config/plasma-*
  5. now you can log out of the console session by logout command or pressing Ctrl + D.

Where are KDE desktop settings stored?

~/.kde/share/config directory
KDE Desktop Settings Various KDE desktop configuration information is kept in “*rc” (run commands, or resource) files located in the ~/. kde/share/config directory. Other configuration files can also be found in the subdirectories of ~/. kde/share/apps.

What desktop environment does kubuntu use?

KDE Plasma Desktop
Community-driven, previously Blue Systems/Canonical Ltd. Kubuntu (/kʊˈbʊntuː/ kuu-BUUN-too) is an official flavor of the Ubuntu operating system that uses the KDE Plasma Desktop instead of the GNOME desktop environment. As part of the Ubuntu project, Kubuntu uses the same underlying systems.

How do I restart KDE desktop?

Use the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace shortcut keys to restart KDE.

How do I factory reset my Garuda Linux?


  1. Reboot.
  2. In GRUB (bootloader) select “Garuda snapshots” instead of “Garuda Linux” and select the latest snapshot.
  3. Once the boot process completed you will be automatically prompted to restore the currently booted snapshot.
  4. Reboot and enjoy your working system.

How do I run my Plasma desktop?

plasma-desktop obviously needs an X server to connect to, so try restarting your X server. One of these should work: /etc/init….One of these should work:

  1. d/kdm restart.
  2. d/xdm restart.
  3. d/? dm restart.
  4. startkde (If you’re not using a login manager)

Where are plasma widgets stored?

The default widgets shipped with KDE are installed to /usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/ . X-KDE-PluginInfo-Category is the category the widget can be filtered with in the widget list.

Where are plasma icons stored?

Themes are stored in: System/Default: /usr/share/plasma/desktoptheme/ User Installed: ~/. local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/ (KDE Store Category)

How much RAM does Kubuntu use?

Kubuntu has varying requirements on VM. Xenial Xerus (16.04) on VM: Requires at least 1 GB RAM, 10 GB fixed-size Virtual Disk Image, 128 MB video memory. Selecting “Try Kubuntu” or “Install Kubuntu” does not matter.

Does Kubuntu use Debian?

Based on Debian, one of the most widely acclaimed, technologically advanced, and well-supported distributions, Kubuntu aims to create a distribution that provides an up-to-date and coherent Linux system for desktop and server computing.

How do I restart Xorg?

You can try pressing Ctrl + Alt + Backspace to restart X. This is deactivated by default in 10.04 and will therefore normally not work. It can be reactivated though, by going to System -> Preferences -> Keyboard, clicking the ‘Options…’ button in the ‘Layouts’ tab and enabling ‘Key sequence to kill the x server’.

How do I start kwin?

Press Ctrl + Alt + F7 to change back to your primary display. Or, create a new custom shortcut for that: e.g. Trigger: Meta+K, Action, Command/URL: kwin –replace . In this way kwin can be restarted with just the Meta-K shortcut. Press Ctrl+Alt+F1.