How do I get a sales tax Exemption certificate in Massachusetts?

How do I get a sales tax Exemption certificate in Massachusetts?

To claim the exemption, the buyer or their agent must provide the vendor with:

  1. A signed copy of Sales Tax Exempt Purchaser Certificate (Form ST-5) or Contractor’s Sales Tax Exempt Purchase Certificate (Form ST-5C), and.
  2. A copy of the organization’s Certificate of Exemption (Form ST-2) issued by DOR.

What is exempt from sales tax in Massachusetts?

Traditional Goods or Services Goods that are subject to sales tax in Massachusetts include physical property, like furniture, home appliances, and motor vehicles. Prescription medicine, groceries, gasoline, and clothing are all tax-exempt.

What is an ST 5 form Massachusetts?

The exempt government organization is encouraged to submit to the vendor a properly completed Sales Tax Exempt Purchaser Certificate (Form ST-5) with a copy of its Form ST-2 attached.

How do I become tax exempt in Massachusetts?

In order for a purchase to be exempt from Massachusetts tax, an authorized federal employee must present to the vendor the GSA card with appropriate identification at the time of purchase. A Certificate of Exemption (Form ST-2) and a Sales Tax Exempt Purchaser Certificate (Form ST-5) are not required.

Do Massachusetts sales tax Exemption certificates expire?

233, ยง 52 of the Acts of 1983, the Certificate of Exemption issued by the Commissioner of Revenue to an exempt organization is effective for a period of five years from the date of its issuance or until January 1, 1984, whichever date occurs later.

Do I need to register for sales tax in Massachusetts?

Getting registered After determining you have sales tax nexus in Massachusetts, you need to register with the proper state authority and collect, file, and remit sales tax to the state.

Is packaging taxable in Massachusetts?

Containers purchased for delivery with other products sold by purchaser are exempt; Containers purchased for consumption and not for delivery are taxable; Returnable containers (except food and soft drinks containers) are taxable; Containers sold to person rendering non-taxable service are taxable.

What is form st2?

Service Tax Registration (ST-2) is an government registration which is done under CBEC on It is mandatory for every person providing services in India beyond Rs. 10 Lakh. The rate of service tax is 15% including SBC and KKC.

Do Massachusetts sales tax exemption certificates expire?

How do I get a resale certificate in Massachusetts?

If you need to apply for a registration, go to and click on MassTaxConnect to complete an online application for registration. 3. This certificate must be signed by and bear the name and ad dress of the purchaser and his/her Account ID number or Federal Identifica- tion number.

How do I register a vendor in Massachusetts?

To register your business go to MassTaxConnect. When you register on MassTaxConnect you will immediately receive an email confirming your registration request has been received. Once your registration has been approved you will receive another email letting you know that you can now log in.