How do I find my Canadian military records from ww2?

How do I find my Canadian military records from ww2?

Go to the database on Ancestry called Canada, WWII Service Files of War Dead, 1939–1947 to see the search screen. Enter a name and click on Search….How to obtain copies or consult a file

  1. Only a small number of files are digitized in this database.
  2. Genealogy packages are digitized for all files on Ancestry.

How do I use archives library in Canada?

How to access Library and Archives Canada records

  1. Visit Library and Archives Canada.
  2. Order copies.
  3. Hire a freelance researcher.
  4. View digitized microfilm: Some of our microfilm reels with the prefixes C, H and T are digitized on our partner website Héritage. Digitized reels can be viewed free on that website.

Are Canadian military records public?

Only staff may access them; therefore there is no online database available. Library and Archives Canada (LAC) holds the restricted military service files for the following: Canadian Forces regular members (1919 to 1997), including Permanent Force, Second World War (those who did not die during the war) and Korea.

How do I find my father’s national service records?

Service records, 1920–present Visit the GOV.UK website for information about how to request a summary of a service record from the Ministry of Defence (MOD). These are available to next of kin and members of the general public on request to the MOD, provided the subject is no longer living.

Can I borrow books from Library and Archives Canada?

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) loans items to other libraries within Canada to support researchers when this material is not available anywhere else than in LAC’s holdings. LAC does not loan material to individuals, as this service is provided to libraries only.

What does Library and Archives Canada do?

​Library and Archives Canada (LAC) preserves and makes accessible the documentary heritage of Canada. It also serves as the continuing memory of the Government of Canada and its institutions.