How do I clear the DC code on my Samsung washer?

How do I clear the DC code on my Samsung washer?

Samsung Washer DC Error Code indicates an unbalanced load and Samsung Washer will not spin the clothes around as it should. This can be fixed by removing some of the clothes from the Samsung washer or redistributing them evenly throughout the Samsung washer.

How do you fix a DC code on a Samsung dryer?

Samsung Dryer dC Code can mean that the door will stay open, or it won’t close or latch because of a wiring issue within the door switch assembly. To fix your error code, make sure all wires are connected and nothing is obstructing the door from moving smoothly. Then, simply test out the dryer.

What is DC error in Samsung top load washer?

Your old or top-load Samsung washer displays a dC error code. What does it mean? It indicates a balance problem during the cycles. In earlier models, getting out of balance leads to serious vibes during the spin cycle, and the dC error occurs.

What does DC mean on a Samsung dryer?

Door-Related errors (dC, dE, dF, do, d0, 1 DC, 1 dF) These are related to the door, its latch, and the sensors that detect whether they are secured correctly. This can happen when the door won’t stay closed, or won’t close or latch.

What does error DC mean?

It looks like the “DC Error” message is displayed when there’s a problem with the power supply for the stereo. The root cause is most likely to be a shorted or grounded speaker wire or something else caused the stereo to output the rated power. Sometimes pulling the radio fuse and putting it back will clear it.

What is DC in Samsung washing machine?

The UE or DC error code indicates unbalanced load.

What does DC mean on a radio?

direct current
DC means direct current which translates to battery power. Corded electric means you don’t use an a/c adapter….you use a regular power cord. Each radio is different although the majority get their a c power using an a/c adapter.

What does AC and DC mean on a radio?

In the early days of radio, mains electricity was supplied at different voltages in different places, and either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) was supplied.

How many volts does a car stereo use?

Car radios use direct current (DC) voltage to power their electronics while home electronics use alternating current (AC) with a much higher voltage. In fact, car radios can work down to somewhere around 11 volts DC, with 12V to 14.4V being typical when a vehicle’s engine is running.

What is a DC radio?

Radio DC is a non-commercial community radio administered by the DC School of Management and Technology (DCSMAT).

What is AC DC?

Electricity comes in two forms—alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC).

Is a car radio AC or DC?