How do I calibrate my Samsung washer?

How do I calibrate my Samsung washer?

How do I run Calibration Mode on my Samsung washing machine?

  1. 1 Turn the washing machine off and then on again.
  2. 2 Hold down the Temp and Delay End + buttons for 3 seconds until a CB code appears on-screen.
  3. 3 Press Start/Pause to run the Calibration cycle.

Do Samsung washers have issues?

The most common Samsung washing machine problems are spinning issues, drain pump failure, water leakage, faulty door lock, and washer not starting at all.

Do Samsung washers need to be drained?

It may be necessary to first drain any remaining water to avoid a mess during your Samsung washing machine troubleshooting. However, opening the washer door and attempting to mop up the water can still result in a messy cleanup.

What does calibrating a washing machine do?

Except for preventing vibrations and noise, calibration also makes sure you save energy. After calibration, the load sensor more accurately weighs your laundry. This means the washing cycle can better adjust itself to to the amount of clothes, which saves time and energy.

Why is my Samsung washing machine not filling up with water?

The most common reason is a problem with the water supply, or a blocked or kinked water supply hose. In this situation, the washing machine will drain for 3 minutes and the power button will be inoperative. In this case, please clean the debris filter and mesh filter.

What are the error codes on a Samsung washing machine?

Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes

Error Code Cause
HOT Appliance Too Hot (occurs if dryer is turned off early)
LE, LE1, E9, 11E Water Leak (low water level detected during cycle)
OE, E3 Overflow Error (too much water/foam has entered into the appliance)
OF Overflow Abnormal (water has reached the overflow level)

What is the average life of a Samsung washing machine?

It is typically recommended to replace any large appliance, such as a washing machine, every eight years, but your washing machine could potentially last up to 14 years with proper upkeep and maintenance.

How do I force my Samsung washer to drain?


  1. 1 Unplug the washing machine from the power supply.
  2. 2 Open the filter-cover.
  3. 3 Unscrew the emergency drain cap by turning it to the left.
  4. 4 Grip the cap on the end of the emergency drain tube, and then slowly pull it out about 15 cm (about 6 inches).
  5. 5 Allow all the water to flow into a bowl.