How do I book a CMA CGM?

How do I book a CMA CGM?

Click & book—it couldn’t be any simpler

  1. 1Click on My CMA CGM in the main menu, then on “Prepare your Shipment”
  2. 2Enter your route: port of loading, port of discharge, rate/quote reference, date of departure or arrival.
  3. 3Select your route from the results.
  4. 4Enter the details of your cargo.

What country owns CMA CGM?

CMA CGM S.A. is a French container transportation and shipping company….CMA CGM.

Industry Container shipping
Predecessor Compagnie Générale Transatlantique and Messageries Maritimes
Founded 1978
Founder Jacques R. Saadé
Headquarters CMA CGM Tower Marseille , France

How many CMA CGM ships are there?

569 ships
CMA CGM Group – number of ships 2022 As of January 2022, the CMA CGM Group had a total fleet of 569 ships with a total capacity of about three million twenty-foot-equivalent units. The company chartered 386 ships, owned 183 ships and had 52 vessels in its order book.

How many countries does CMA CGM operate in?

160 countries
With a presence in 160 countries through 755 offices, 750 warehouses, 110,000 employees and a wide fleet of 566 vessels, CMA CGM serves 420 of the world’s 521 commercial ports and operates 257 shipping lines.

How do I place spot booking on CMA CGM?

How does it work?

  1. 1Click on “Instant quotation” in the My CMA CGM menu.
  2. 2Fill out your shipment information: POL, POD, departure date, container type and commodity.
  3. 3Choose your voyage with the «SpotOn» tag and access the details of your offer.

What is booking request in shipping?

In logistics, booking is a customer’s request to reserve goods, storage space or services provided by various suppliers. It includes the agreement on transport conditions such as price, time and liability. This is an act of reserving accommodation or a ticket in advance for an event.

What is SQ number in shipping?

valid Quotation reference
You must have a valid Quotation reference (SQ) or Service Contract (SC) to submit online Booking Request. The choice of the line will pre-fill your booking request with Routing of some parties, Equipment and Commodity.

How do you book a container?

How to book empty container for factory/CFS/ICD/port stuffing

  1. The shipper or his customs broker arrange a transport truck to move the said empty container from carrier’s yard to his factory for stuffing.
  2. Know the term Port of Discharge and Place of Delivery.

How do you book a container online?

Here’s a Step-By-Step Guide to Help Book Containers Online Within Minutes to Transport Your Cargo

  1. Fill in your requirements:
  2. Select the service provider:
  3. Explore the shipment rates:
  4. Click on checkout:
  5. Select your B / L requirements:
  6. Choose your payment terms:
  7. Confirm your booking:

Is CMA CGM a good company?

Good company to work with. Company has good work culture. It has good management. Good job security. Overall a good company to work.


Rodolphe Saadé (Feb 9, 2017–)CMA CGM / CEO