How do I apply for Giis scholarship?

How do I apply for Giis scholarship?


  1. Mark sheet* of Grade 10 Pre-board/Half Yearly Examination.
  2. Mark sheet* of Grade 9 Final Examination.
  3. Certificates of extra-curricular achievements.
  4. Passport or receipt of passport applied for.

How can I apply for scholarship in Singapore?

To apply for most scholarships in Singapore, you can fill the form provided on However, some scholarships are available on the organization’s website itself.

What is global citizenship scholarship?

The Global Citizenship Certificate Scholarship was established in 2017, and is awarded to recognize high achieving students with documented financial need who demonstrate values of global citizenship.

Is there Scholarship in Singapore?

The Lee Kong Chian Graduate Scholarships are funded by the Lee Foundation – Singapore’s largest private charitable foundation. These scholarships in Singapore are awarded to students who wish to pursue PhD programs at the National University of Singapore. It is open to students of all nationalities.

What is SIA Youth Scholarship?

The SIA Youth Scholarship is an initiative of the Ministry of Education, Singapore that provides financial assistance to students belonging to Asian countries, China, and India to pursue pre-university studies in select junior colleges in Singapore.

How many scholarships are there in Singapore?

All nationalities are eligible to apply for the SINGA. Annually, around 240 scholarships are awarded to qualified candidates.

How can I get Giis scholarship in Singapore?

  1. Step 1 : Application – Submit the Application form.
  2. Step 1A : Documentation – In the Application form Upload all prerequisite Documents.
  3. Step 2 : Notification – Successful applicants will be notified via email about the online exam.
  4. Step 3 : Scholarship Assessment (Online)
  5. Step 4 : One to One Interview Round 1 ( Virtual )

What scholarships can I apply for Singapore?

Types of Scholarships

  • SAF Merit Scholarship for Female Applicants.
  • Design Singapore Scholarship.
  • NUS (National University of Singapore) Merit Scholarship.
  • Dato’ Kho Hui Meng Scholarship.
  • MENDAKI Scholarship.
  • The SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) Scholarship.
  • Waseda University Emergency Scholarship.
  • CIMB ASEAN Scholarship.

Is education a future scholarship?

The Education Future International Scholarship is only offered to the meritorious Indian students for studying overseas at any of the top universities globally. Applicant should have a minimum scored 60% in 10th and 12th. Applicants should reflect that they lack means of self-funding their education abroad.

Which Singapore scholarship is best?

Top Scholarships in Singapore

  1. Nanyang Undergraduate Scholarship. Scholarship Link.
  2. Singapore University of Technology & Design Global Merit Scholarship. Scholarship Link.
  3. National University of Singapore (NUS) Research Scholarship.
  4. ADB-Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP)
  5. Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA)