How do I access my Snead State email?

How do I access my Snead State email?

To access the OneACCS student email system, select student email in the student panel to the left of your screen. Choose “Sign In” in the top right corner. Your email address is

What is Snead State known for?

No matter what educational or career path you choose, Snead State is the place to set the foundation for your college career. Snead State Community College offers the complete college experience with quality instruction and an active campus life. Learn more About Snead State.

Is Snead State d2?

Snead State Community College is a public community college in Boaz, Alabama. It began as a private seminary in 1898 and became part of the Alabama Community College System in 1967. Snead awards associate degrees in 79 programs and certificates in 24 programs….Snead State Community College.

Significant dates
Designated ARLH April 6, 1998

What division is Snead State Community College?

Alabama Community College Conference
Snead State Community College is located in Boaz, AL and the Baseball program competes in the Alabama Community College Conference (ACCC) conference.

What conference is Snead State in?

Snead State has a tradition of athletic excellence. The Parsons compete in Division I of the Alabama Community College Conference and the National Junior College Athletic Association.

What county is Snead State in?

Marshall County
Dating from 1898, Snead State Community College in Boaz, Marshall County, is the oldest school in Alabama’s community college system to award associate degrees.

When was Boaz Alabama founded?

November 11, 1878
First settled in the 1850s, the town of Boaz was officially founded November 11, 1878 by the Sparks Family of Georgia. A post office has been in operation since 1887. The city was named after Boaz, from the Bible. It was incorporated in 1897.

What sports does Southern Union have?

SUSCC Athletics

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What is a Snead?

noun. dialect. the handle or shaft of a scythe.

Is Snead a word?

Snead definition (UK) A snath. (UK, dialect) A line or cord; a string.

What is Boaz Alabama famous for?

Boaz is located in the northeast part of the state primarily in Marshall County, although part of the city also is located in Etowah County. Long known for having some of the first factory outlet stores in the state, Boaz also is home to a branch of the popular Unclaimed Baggage Center, based in Scottsboro.

Is Boaz Alabama in the mountains?

Boaz, Alabama is located atop the Sand Mountain Plateau, which is labeled for its sandy soil. The Boaz economy grew from the soil of Sand Mountain, primarily because it was ideal farm land with a mild climate. Boaz was the nearest shopping center for many communities atop the mountain.

What is my Snead state username and password?

Username: You must use your Snead State email address as your username. Your email address is your full student number ([email protected]). Password: Your password is !SNEADmmddyy with the mmddyy being your birthdate. *Be sure to include the exclamation point. If you do not know your A#, please email [email protected] .

Why choose Snead State Community College?

Your community college education here will have the atmosphere of a university, but with more personal attention. Snead State offers a complete college experience: a variety of courses and a variety of extracurricular activities–athletics, clubs, and organizations.

How do I view my Snead state unofficial transcript?

Students who have not been enrolled at Snead State since 2017 who need to view their unofficial transcript may visit for the link to request transcripts. Register for classes. Drop/add classes during the drop/add period. Pay tuition. Request Snead State transcripts.

How do I contact Snead?

The easiest way to reach us is by emailing [email protected] or by visiting during our updated business hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Thursday. You can also contact any member of our friendly staff.