How difficult is the Mont Blanc hike?

How difficult is the Mont Blanc hike?

The trail, for the most part, is not technically difficult. There’s a great variety, too. You can expect everything from forests, barren rocky terrain and vast green valleys on the Tour du Mont Blanc hiking route.

How do I prepare for TMB trail?

Tour du Mont Blanc Tips – good advice before you begin

  1. tip 1 – do some training.
  2. tip 2 – book your refuges early.
  3. tip 3 – don’t book too early in the season.
  4. tip 4: make sure you take enough cash.
  5. tip 5: set off early each morning on the trail.
  6. tip 6: bring medical supplies from home.
  7. tip 7: take lots of lightweight snacks.

When can you hike TMB?

The best time to do the Tour du Mont Blanc is in the summer months: June, July, and August. The days are the longest and warmest, with the least rainfall, and the trails are buzzing with life.

Can you climb Mont Blanc in a day?

Climbing Mont Blanc in a day is the opportunity to live an incredible human adventure. The climb starts on well-marked trails and finishes on the ice-cap at the summit. It represents a total vertical gain of almost 4000m (13 200ft).

Is Tour du Mont Blanc for beginners?

A good option for beginners: Many hiking tours around the world are challenging, even for seasoned hikers. However, the Mont Blanc trek is special because it’s doable for anyone who is reasonably fit.

Is the TMB well marked?

The TMB is a high altitude trekking circuit and every hiker planning to walk this incredible trail needs to be aware of the risks high mountains pose. Whilst the route is very well marked and hikers blessed with glorious weather would never need a GPS, it is crucial that you take one regardless.

What is the best time to hike Mont Blanc?

The best time to go to Mont Blanc for hiking and mountaineering is generally mid-June until mid-September. As with all mountain regions, the weather is unpredictable on and around Mont Blanc.

What is the best month to go hiking?

The best time to hike is between summer and fall when the air is warm and the mountain snow has melted. In particular, the fall is a cooler, less crowded season on the trail with long sunlight hours and fewer bugs.

How to get to Mont Blanc?

The best way to see Mont Blanc Starting point for the unique Mont-Blanc Express is in Martigny in the canton of Valais. Route: Trient Valley – Châtelard – Chamonix (France)

What to see and do in Chamonix?

Crossing the wild Trient Gorge and ascending to breath-taking heights towards Chamonix (France), travellers will see waterfalls crashing down and majestic mountain crags rising in the background. Shady forests alternate with cozy villages and ultimately give way onto the grandiose glacier of Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest peak.

How many summits does the Tour du Mont Blanc have?

The whole Massif Du Mont Blanc extends for about 25 miles and has 11 summits. The TMB will give you spectacular views of them from every angle. There are many ways to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc—you can make it shorter, faster, luxurious or rugged.

When is the best time to hike Mont Blanc?

Best Time to Go. The best time of year to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc is from mid-June to early September. Late June is the more beautiful and quiet time of year but you may have some snow leftover up high to deal with. July and August are the peak months because of the weather.