How can I practice brass quietly?

How can I practice brass quietly?

Here are six ways to play the trumpet more quietly:

  1. Use a Mute. Mutes are specially made to dampen the sound of your trumpet.
  2. Practice on Your Mouthpiece. Sometimes playing trumpet is just too loud.
  3. Practice Your Embouchure.
  4. Practice Playing Pianissimo.
  5. Use Yamaha Silent Brass.
  6. Soundproof Your Apartment.

How quiet is Yamaha Silent Brass?

The Silent Brass is very quiet. Likely quieter than most late night TV watching. I can’t imagine anyone detecting or complaining. That’s assuming your not blowing your brains out, banging the valves down really hard, or cursing out loud at the etude you’re playing.

How do you mute a trumpet for practice?

How can you practice the trumpet quietly?

  1. Practicing your embouchure (without using your trumpet at all)
  2. Using a mute to dampen the sound of your horn.
  3. Using the Yamaha Silent Brass on your trumpet with headphones.

How loud is a muted trumpet?

Trumpet 80-110 decibels
Trombone 115 decibels
Saxophone 100 decibels
Clarinet 114 decibels
French Horn 90 – 106 decibels

Are Silent bras worth it?

Bottom line: I absolutely recommend the Yamaha Trumpet Silent Brass System for brass players who need to keep it down, whether that’s because you are in an apartment, or you are on the road frequently, or you have babies or roomies that you don’t want to wake up when you are practicing during nap time!

Can you record with Silent Brass?

Yes you can manage to record and/or send the signal out of a Silent Brass unit, but don’t expect it to sound like a trumpet. The mic is not designed to produce the spectrum of sound and it’s jammed way up the bell – pretty horrendous if you ask me.

Should I practice trumpet with a mute?

If you play at a soft to medium volume, and don’t try to over power the mute,you shouldn’t have any problems when playing with a open horn. Problems arise when players try to get volume with a practice or any other tight mute. For a short time, the practice mute will not be a problem for you.