How big is a ES-339?

How big is a ES-339?

Measuring 362mm (14.25-inches) wide and 425mm (16.75-inches) long, the ES-339 is smaller than the 406mm (16-inch) x 483mm (19-inch) ES-335.

Whats the difference between the ES-335 and the ES-339?

The ES-336 was the first fully carved semi-hollowbody guitar as well as a smaller instrument than the ES-335, with a body width of 13 inches and a length of 16, verses the ES-335’s 16 ½-inch width and 20-inch length. The key was giving the ES-339 a laminated top, like the ES-335, verses the ES-336’s fully carved top.

How big is an ES-335?

Overall length is 41 3/8 in. (105.1 cm.), 15 15/16 in. (40.5 cm.) wide at lower bout, and 1 3/4 in.

What is the difference between a Gibson ES-335 and a 355?

It has the optional stereo wiring and Varitone circuitry as standard. It differs from the ES-355 by having a maple neck instead of mahogany, the name “Lucille” on the headstock, and the lack of an F-hole on its top.

What is the difference between an ES-335 and 345?

A: Both are semi-hollowbody guitars; the “physical” differences include dot or block inlays on the ES-335 and parallelogram inlays on the ES-345. But the big differences are in the electronics; the ES-345 includes output jacks for mono or stereo wiring as well as a 6-position Varitone switch.

When did the Gibson 339 come out?

Gibson’s ES-339 guitar may be one of the youngest members of the ES (Electric-Spanish) family, but it has already made a name for itself as one of Gibson’s premier semi-hollow body guitars. Released in 2007, the ES-339s sleek, semi-hollow design is based on Gibson’s classic ES-335 guitar.

What does a Gibson ES 339 weigh?

4.645 lbs
The ES-339 became an instant modern classic by “compacting” the iconic ES-335 body shape in a lighter, more comfortably-playing guitar, and the new 2016 rendition from Gibson Memphis is better than ever….

Weight Relief:
Average Weight (body only): 2.1069 kg / 4.645 lbs
Materials Used
Glue: Franklin Titebond 50

What is a Gibson ES-335?

The Gibson ES-335 is an archtop guitar equipped with two hollow chambers separated by a solid maple wood block running down its center, and twin humbuckers. The maple block provides the ES-335 with a hybrid solid/hollow body perfect for jazz and blues musicians.