How big do Hengeli rasbora get?

How big do Hengeli rasbora get?

The Hengeli Rasbora is also called the Growlight Rasbora. Being the smallest of the trigonostigma genus the Hengeli will grow up to 3 – 4cm in length.

Are glowlight Rasboras Hardy?

Aquarium & care An aquarium of at least 20 gallon / 75L is to be preferred when housing a school of Glowlight rasbora. It is a hardy fish and it will do well in most aquariums as long as they are not kept with large or aggressive tank mates.

How long do glowlight Rasboras live?

The Glowlight Rasbora is a small, slender fish, reaching a total length of just over 1 inch (3 cm). It has a typical lifespan of 2 to 3 years with good care.

How big do Harlequin Rasboras get?

two inches
A fully mature individual harlequin rasbora attains a standard length of two inches (5 cm). Males are cited as possessing a slightly larger black body patch than females, with the section adjoining the anal fin being more rounded in males.

How big do glowlight Rasboras get?

1-1.2 inches
Average Adult Size: 1-1.2 inches (2.5-3 cm)

Do rasboras like current?

Yeah! My Rasboras love to swim into in current that comes from my filter.

How do you breed dwarf rasbora?

If you want to breed the Dwarf rasbora the ”conventional way” you need an aquarium that is no smaller than 2 gallon / 8 L (3 gallon / 12 L is better). The pH-value is best kept between 5 and 6, although up to 6.5 usually works. The water hardness should be below 5.

What fish go well with rasbora?

Rasboras are peaceful and most species get along well with similarly sized community fish. Depending on species, they can be housed with other rasboras, small tetras, croaking, sparkling and chocolate gouramis, celestial danios, pentazona barbs, guppies and platies.

Do fish like flowing water?

While the actual swimming area remains the same, increasing water movement provides physical and engaging activity for fish. By swimming against or through moving water, fish receive physical activity necessary for proper growth and muscle development.