Does Priyanka Chopra have navel piercing?

Does Priyanka Chopra have navel piercing?

02/6Priyanka Chopra Her deep neckline flaunted the pierced belly button and we can’t get enough of it. In an interview with Times of India, the actress explained her decision to get the piercing. She said, ”In one moment of madness, I went ahead and got my belly button pierced.

Which Indian actress has the best belly button?

Bollywood actresses who have the hottest belly buttons

  • Jacqueline Fernandez | Bollywood | Entertainment | DKODING.
  • Deepika Padukone | Bollywood | Entertainment | DKODING.
  • Katrina Kaif | Bollywood | Entertainment | DKODING.
  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas | Bollywood | Entertainment | DKODING.

Why do actress show their navel?

It is considered to be a symbol of birth and life. That means in ancient India, women would wear sari that bared their midriffs. Indian television actors have followed suit, wearing saris that expose more skin, including the navel, with viewers mimicking the styles.

Are belly button piercings Indian?

The navel piercing is unique amongst modifications. As a primarily modern piercing, first gaining popular momentum in the 1990s, it remains one of the only standard modifications to never be heavily practiced amongst the native peoples of any particular nation.

Does Nora fatehi have belly piercing?

For makeup, Nora Fatehi went for golden smokey eyes. She also had a belly button piercing. Take a look at Nora Fatehi’s Instagram.

Which Indian actress has the best navel Quora?

Originally Answered: which Indian actress has the best navel? Tamanna probay has the best navel in the industry. This milky beauty never fails to enthral everyone with her stunning looks and ultra-sexy body.

Why do hot Indian girls show their navel?

Originally Answered: Why do Indian women show their navels? Instead of draping other parts, Indian girls would like to show their navel in saree bcoz it looks fashionable, sexy, elegant. And they like doing so.

Is navel piercing safe?

Belly Button Piercing Risks Although many people don’t have any problems after they get a body piercing, you could have: Infection. A piercing on your belly button is more likely to get infected than other body parts because of its shape. It’s easy for bacteria to hole up inside it.