Does GTS 450 support SLI?

Does GTS 450 support SLI?

The GeForce GTS 450 supports 2-way NVIDIA SLI multi-GPU technology, which allows you to upscale performance by pairing your GTS 450 card with another GTS 450 of any other make.

Is GTX or GTS better?

GTS cards are the top-end cards that are meant for mainstream users who want excellent and fast graphics for gaming and multimedia use. On the other hand, GTX graphics cards are intended for enthusiasts who want to push their machines to the limits and get the absolute best.

Is GTX 960 SLI worth it?

We can strongly recommend ASUS’ GTX 960 Strix in a single card configuration; at $210, the value is tremendous for low-TDP, 1080p gaming systems with a high performance demand.