Does Diamond Select still make Star Trek toys?

Does Diamond Select still make Star Trek toys?

Now, however, they have it all back. Following some years in the hands of Art Asylum/Diamond Select and McFarlane Toys, the Star Trek license is back where it used to be.

How much is an original Star Trek phaser worth?

A one-of-a-kind phaser rifle used by William Shatner in the second pilot made for the original “Star Trek” series sold for $231,000 at an auction conducted by Julien’s.

What is a phaser pistol?

The phase-pistol was a type of phase-modulated energy weapon, a personnel sidearm characterized by a focused energy discharge in the form of a steady stream or a phase pulse. It was introduced in 2151 for use by Starfleet personnel as a replacement to the EM-33 pistol.

Why did McFarlane stop making Star Trek?

“Based on federal, state and local regulations around replica/toy weapons, McFarlane Toys has decided to cancel pre-orders on the Star Trek Discovery Phaser 2018 release until we can determine a more acceptable way to release it without compromising the integrity of the item.

Who has the Star Trek toy license?

Playmates Toys
Playmates Toys and ViacomCBS Consumer Products today announced that ViacomCBS has awarded the global toy company with the licensing rights for action figures, vehicles and ships, role play and other toy categories for all Star Trek properties.

Who designed the original Star Trek phaser?

The Star Trek: The Original Series type 1 phaser, as the designation was first identified on screen in TOS: “The Devil in the Dark”, was designed by Matt Jefferies and John Jefferies with input from Gene Roddenberry, and was built (or the construction supervised by him at the Desilu prop shop) by Matt Jefferies, and …

What were original Star Trek phasers made of?

The fiberglass phaser has a fascinating pedigree. It was a prop in the 1968 time-travel episode “Assignment: Earth,” used in an early scene when a mysterious stranger beams on board.

Do Klingons use phasers?

The Star Trek fictional universe contains a variety of weapons, ranging from missiles (the classic photon torpedo) to melee (primarily used by the Klingons, a race of aliens in the Star Trek universe)….

Genre Science fiction
In-story information
Type Phased array Pulsed energy projectile weapon

Can phasers be fired at warp?

Phasers are supposed to work fine at warp. Nobody on screen ever suggests otherwise. And they are seen working fine at warp. It’s just that they are generally fired only at very short apparent ranges – but that is true of sublight firing, too.

Where are McFarlane Toys manufactured?

Todd McFarlane Productions, Inc….McFarlane Toys.

Type Private
Founder Todd McFarlane
Headquarters Tempe, AZ , U.S.
Key people Todd McFarlane, CEO
Products Action figures

Are Star Trek figures worth anything?

In addition to the above, genuine Star Trek collectibles from the television series have the potential to fetch tens of thousands of dollars. For example, Captain Kirk’s phaser from ‘Wrath of Khan’ was sold at auction for $57,500.

How powerful is a photon torpedo?

The energy output of a photon torpedo, according to the Star Trek Technical Manuals is a maximum theoretical yield of 25 isotons and a maximum rated yield of 18.5 isotons.