Does Captain Morgan make Parrot Bay?

Does Captain Morgan make Parrot Bay?

Captain Morgan’s Parrot Bay is a coconut Flavored rum produced by Captain Morgan in Puerto Rico.

Who makes Parrot Bay rum?

Captain Morgan’s Parrot Bay flavored rums capture the real island flavor. Mix any Parrot Bay flavor with your favorite juice or soda to make amazing tropical drinks.

Is Parrot Bay rum sweet?

This mango rum offers a sweet, juicy taste.

What kind of alcohol is Parrot Bay?

Captain Morgan Parrot Bay brings a taste of the tropics to your favorite mixers. A premium blend of tropical flavors with light, crisp Puerto Rican rum….Share.

Category Rum
Brand Parrot Bay
Alcohol/vol 21%
Proof 42.00

Is there coconut in Parrot Bay?

Product Description. Let Parrot Bay Caribbean Rum envelop your senses and transport you to your own paradise with its legendary blend of rich, Caribbean white rum and natural coconut flavor.

Does Parrot Bay have real coconut?

Nutritional Information. Coconut , Sugar , Sodium Metabisulfite ( Preservative ) . Contains Sulfur Dioxide and Sulfits,Coconuts and Their Derivatives,Tree Nuts and Their Derivatives.

What proof is Parrot Bay rum?

90 Proof
Parrot Bay Coconut Rum 90 Proof.

What kind of rum is Parrot Bay?

How Strong Is Parrot Bay rum?

Parrot Bay Coconut rum is the most well-known and widely available of the flavored rums. This is the 90 PROOF version as opposed to the much milder 42 proof variety. To our knowledge, this is one of the highest proof flavored rums on the market…

What rum is 100 proof?

This blend of Caribbean rums and select spices brings out the intensity of rum in full flavor. A firm favorite, Captain Morgan 100 proof is specially crafted to taste great with cola or as a shot.

What is Parrot Bay coconut rum made from?

Puerto Rican rum
It is made from a premium blend of Puerto Rican rum and rich coconut flavoring. This Captain Morgan coconut rum is made with natural coconut flavors. It is delicious in a wide variety of cocktails like Hurricanes, Pina Coladas, and Mai Tais.