Does Aetna cover genetic carrier screening?

Does Aetna cover genetic carrier screening?

Aetna considers genetic testing of the HEXA gene ‡‡ medically necessary for carrier screening for Tay-Sachs disease for couples planning pregnancy or seeking prenatal care when any of the following criteria are met: Individual to be tested has an abnormal or inconclusive beta-hexosaminidase A enzyme activity; or.

What is a characteristic passed down from one generation to the next?

Heredity refers to specific mechanisms by which characteristics or traits are passed from one generation to the next via genes. Genes encode the information for making specific proteins, which are responsible for the specific traits of an individual.

Is genetic testing medically necessary?

Genetic screening is considered medically necessary when all of the following are met: • To determine if the member is at direct risk of inheriting the mutation in question; and • The genetic disorder is associated with a potentially significant disability or has a lethal natural history; and • A specific mutation, or …

Does Aetna cover genetic testing pregnancy?

Aetna considers noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) using measurement of cell-free fetal nucleic acids in maternal blood (e.g., MaterniT21, MaterniT21 PLUS, Verifi Prenatal Test, Harmony Prenatal Test, Panorama Prenatal Test, QNatal Advanced) medically necessary for screening for fetal aneuploidy (trisomy 13, 18 and 21 …

Does Aetna cover gene therapy?

The GCIT™ Designated Network program is the Aetna® participating network for certain gene therapy services. The program helps patients who have been diagnosed with certain genetic conditions that may be treated with the use of innovative FDA-approved GCIT products.

Does Aetna cover the NIPT?

Is first trimester genetic testing covered by insurance?

Is Genetic Testing During Pregnancy Covered by Insurance? Most insurance companies cover prenatal genetic testing, especially if the pregnancy is considered to be at a high risk for a genetic or chromosome condition.