Do wood pigeons get drunk?

Do wood pigeons get drunk?

Wood pigeons are gorging themselves on a bumper crop of summer fruit – to the point they’re getting drunk and falling from trees. Locals in South Westland are being asked to keep an eye out for the intoxicated kereru, New Zealand’s native wood pigeon, and help them sober up.

Does kereru get drunk?

Kererū eats the fruit, leaves, twigs, buds, and shoots of over a hundred native, and fifty exotic, shrubs and trees. Occasionally, they gorge so heavily on ripe fruit that they become very full (or “drunk”) and have been known to fall out of trees.

What berries do kereru get drunk on?


What is the drunk pigeon?

The kererū pigeon has been named New Zealand’s bird of the year. Forest and Bird, the conservation group responsible for hosting the competition, described the pigeon as “clumsy, drunk, gluttonous, and glamorous.” The birds feed on fermented treats that leave them so drunk that they often fall out of trees.

Are there wood pigeons in New Zealand?

The New Zealand wood pigeon is a large endemic bird also known in Te Reo Māori as the kererū, or kūkupa and kūku in Northland. In Te Wao Nui, our sanctuary for native New Zealand species, we have two kererū in our Forest aviary – Rui and Karo.

Are wood pigeons protected in NZ?

Wood pigeons or kereru have been a protected species since 1922, but some Māori are now calling for the Department of Conservation to allow hunting of the birds for cultural practices.

Is a kereru a pigeon?

The kererū is a large arboreal pigeon weighing 550–850 g (19–30 oz), and is up to 50 cm (20 in) in length, with a wingspan of around 75 cm (30 in).

What does kereru taste like?

Recipe for kereru Avoid hunting kereru during the winter months. They eat kowhai leaves when food becomes scarce, and their flesh develops a bitter taste.

How many kereru are left in NZ?

“Over the last seven years there has been a total of 52,034 observations, and 119,910 kererū counted. For this final count, it’s important that as many people as possible join in. It’s super easy, good for you, and good for kererū.” Kererū only live in Aotearoa New Zealand, are protected birds, and tāonga to many.

Does New Zealand have pigeons?

New Zealand pigeon/kererū conservation There are two species of native pigeon: New Zealand pigeon (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae) known as kererū, or in Northland as kūkū or kūkupa. Chatham Islands pigeon (Hemiphaga chathamensis) or parea.

Do wood pigeons nest in trees?

Woodpigeons begin nesting in April and might have three clutches during the summer. They nest in trees, especially in areas close to arable farmland but they have become much more widespread over the last few decades.