Do they still make creosote posts?

Do they still make creosote posts?

Therefore, creosote is often applied to create creosote wood fencing in order to preserve its lifespan. However, the EPA currently restricts the use of creosote to commercial uses only, limited to railroad ties and utility poles. Residential use of creosote is banned, including its use in landscaping and gardening.

Should I creosote fence posts?

Primarily used commercially to treat railway sleepers, telephone poles and large timbers for bridge construction, creosote prolongs the life of any wood structure in contact with soil or concrete, making it a very effective protection for wood fence posts.

Can you buy creosote fence post?

6 – 7 X 8 CREOSOTE FENCE POSTS is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock. These long lasting creosote ( CREO ) fence posts are 6″ – 7″ x 8′ long. Pressure treated with creosote they will stand the test of time and repel fungus and insects.

How much does a creosote post cost?

Although material costs range widely depending on the product, an average cost of creosote-treated wood is estimated to be approximately $14 per cubic foot with an installed cost (including labor, equipment, etc.) of approximately $77 per cubic foot.

How long do creosote fence posts last?

As a whole, the post and lumber specimens indicate an expected durability of over 50 years for creosote-treated wood and over 60 years for wood treated with pentachlorophenol, copper naph- thenate, ACZA, or CCA.

Where are creosote posts made?

B&M Wood Creosote and Pressure Treated Products. Fence posts were first made in South Georgia Southern Yellow Longleaf Pine using the “fat lightered” part of the tree as it was usually called. The posts have a lifetime of 100 plus years.

How do you make creosote fence posts?

Use a stiff-bristle paintbrush to apply creosote.

  1. Erect your fence as usual.
  2. Open the creosote bucket and dip a stiff-bristle paintbrush in the creosote.
  3. Paint the fence as you usually would, being careful not to drip the creosote on the ground.
  4. Allow the fence to dry.

Can you still buy creosote?

However, the product is still available for sale to trades-people. This means the traditional user such as the agricultural community, builders, etc. are still able to purchase Coal Tar Creosote, providing they do not resell to the general householder.

How long will creosote post last?

a convenient treatment, will extend their average life to about 40 years. Untreated posts.

How long do creosote posts last?

How long does Creocote last?

2 years
Store containers upright at temperatures between 5 – 25 Celsius away from direct sunlight, always replace the cap ensuring an airtight seal after use. The Shelf life of the product will be minimum 2 years from date of manufacture if correctly stored.