Do Morewood bikes still exist?

Do Morewood bikes still exist?

Being a boutique frame-builder Morewood don’t sell complete bikes, however Australian distributor Pushie Enterprises kindly sent a bike kitted out with many of their in-house brands for me to abuse on our far-from-XC local trails.

Are Morewood bikes good?

In the Sukuma Morewood have hit a sweet spot and the reasonable spec means that you are equipped with a bike that just works. The Formula brakes never missed a beat, the shifting was excellent, the wheels are stiff and light and the Schwable Nobby Nics proved a capable and fast tyre rather than a stunning grip fest.

What happened to Morewood bikes?

Morewood Bikes has been replaced with Morewood Bikes (Pty) Ltd and will now be run by Richard Carter (who is one of the original co-founders) and Victor Momsen, founder of fellow South African brand Momsen bikes that is known for its cross country and marathon bikes.

Where are Morewood bikes made?

South Africa
You’ll know the name from his previous bike brand, but Patrick Morewood is now the main man behind Pyga Industries, designed and built in South Africa.

Where are PYGA bikes made?

Made in South Africa In order to fulfill this dream, we needed to find a manufacturing partner who shared our passion for innovation and our belief that things can always be done better” – Pyga Mountain Bikes.

Are PYGA bikes any good?

After all, Nic likes kale and kombucha, so you can’t blame us for doubting his taste. In the end however we all came away with a similar verdict: this is a seriously fun 130mm bike. The build balances performance and value well. The We Are One wheels rode well and complimented the stiff frame quite nicely.

How much does the PYGA hyrax weigh?

Weighing just shy of 32lbs. the bike surprisingly doesn’t suffer the climbs any more than the many carbon wonder-bikes I’ve tested. I have to say I wasn’t surprised to see the Hyrax perform well on Stanley Gap.

Is PYGA a good bike?

Pyga’s Stage Max is the ideal bike for a rider that wants to have an efficient rig to pedal their local loop, but doesn’t want to give up having a snappy, playful rig that is willing to huck to flat and roost up a corner.