Did Wesley Clark run for president?

Did Wesley Clark run for president?

The 2004 presidential campaign of Wesley Clark, retired U.S. Army general, began on September 17, 2003, when he formally announced his bid for the Democratic Party nomination, after months of drafting by others. Clark’s campaign concluded with his withdrawal from the race on February 11 of the following year.

Is Wesley Clark married?

Gertrude KingstonWesley K. Clark / Spouse (m. 1967)

How old is Wesley Clark?

77 years (December 23, 1944)Wesley K. Clark / Age

Who is Major Gen Wesley Merritt?

Wesley Merritt (June 16, 1836 – December 3, 1910) was an American major general who served in the cavalry of the United States Army during the American Civil War, American Indian Wars, Spanish–American War, and the Philippine–American War.

Who is General Elwell Otis?

Elwell Stephen Otis (March 25, 1838 – October 21, 1909) was a United States Army general who served in the American Civil War, Indian Wars, the Philippines late in the Spanish–American War and during the Philippine–American War.

Who is the 1st American military governor?

Wesley Merritt, Union cavalry officer and first military governor of the Philippines, was born June 16, 1834 in New York City. When he was seven, he moved with his family to St. Clair county Illinois.

What did Arthur MacArthur do?

He led the 2nd Division of Eighth Corps during the Philippine–American War at the Battle of Manila (1899), the Malolos campaign and the Northern Offensive. When the American occupation of the Philippines turned from conventional battles to guerrilla warfare, MacArthur commanded the Department of Northern Luzon.

Who is Gen Wesley Merritt?

Who was the last military governor during the American regime?

Major General Adna Chaffee was the final military governor. The position of military governor was abolished in July 1902, after which the civilian office Governor-General became the sole executive authority in the Philippines.

Why did MacArthur win the Medal of Honor?

He was eventually honored in 1942, for leadership in preparing the Philippine Islands to resist conquest, for gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty in action against invading Japanese forces, and for the heroic conduct of defensive and offensive operations on the Bataan Peninsula.

Did MacArthur fight in the Civil War?

MacArthur never did realize his dream of commanding the entire Army. He was one of the last officers on active duty in the Army who had served in the Civil War. MacArthur was elected a member of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (MOLLUS) in 1868 and was assigned insignia number 648.

Who is the highest American military official that was killed in action during the Filipino American War?

Henry W. Lawton
Henry W. Lawton was the highest-ranking U.S. military officer to be killed in action in the Philippine-American War. He was the only general awarded the Medal of Honor during the American Civil War to die in combat and the first serving general killed outside of North America.