Did Thom Yorke hold his breath in no surprises?

Did Thom Yorke hold his breath in no surprises?

Although Yorke had demonstrated that he could hold his breath for over a minute in stress-free conditions, under the shooting conditions he found it difficult to hold his breath for more than ten seconds before draining the water.

Is no surprises a sad song?

No Surprises I believe is the song that encompasses everything dealt with in the album….it is simple yet sums everything Thom is trying to say throughout the album. It is a poignant and depressing expression of the monotony of life.

What is the theme of No Surprises by Radiohead?

It’s actually a song about being unhappy with life and unhappy with society in general. The lyrics are also about how difficult it is to change the way society works or functions.

What does the No Surprises video mean?

The video for “No Surprises” simulates the experience of being slowly drowned alive, and in doing so, draws a stark comparison to the opening lyrics “A heart that’s full up like a landfill/ A job that slowly kills you.” The protagonist in the song is gradually being suffocated by the rigors of daily life to the point …

How was No Surprises recorded?

No Surprises was actually recorded in only one single take. The guitars were according to Yorke, arranged to resemble the classic Beach Boys’ song Wouldn’t It Be Nice, together with a glockenspiel, acoustic guitar and the vocal harmonies throughout the song.

Was exit music for a film written for Romeo and Juliet?

It landed on 1997’s OK Computer, but “Exit Music (For a Film)” was originally written for Baz Luhrmann’s gonzo 1996 bacchanal Romeo + Juliet, starring your true best friends Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. (It plays over the end credits, but didn’t make the official, suspiciously dope soundtrack.)

How was no surprises recorded?

Who sang No Surprises?

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