Did Marzia meet PewDiePie before he was famous?

Did Marzia meet PewDiePie before he was famous?

Marzia Bisognin and PewDiePie — real name Felix Kjellberg — met in 2011 in quite the surprising way. Marzia’s best friend suggested that she watch “this idiot playing video games.” So she did. The future Mrs. Kjellberg was charmed by the wit of said “idiot,” so she decided to contact him over email.

Where did PewDiePie meet Marzia?

They started dating around October 2011 when Marzia’s best friend Diazo watched PewDiePie’s videos at the end of May, and e-mailed Marzia his videos. Marzia thought he was really funny and wrote to him at the end of June 2011, stating how she thought he was funny and she enjoyed his videos.

How long were PewDiePie and Marzia long-distance?

The struck up an online friendship that soon morphed into a romantic long-distance one, with Marcia living in Italy and PewDiePie in Sweden. PewDiePie began saving money in order to fly to Italy to spend time with his new lady, making multiple trips over just 12 weeks.

Where did Marzia get her wedding dress?

PewDiePie was decked in a handsome, monochromatic suit, while Marzia was the loveliest bride in a whimsical tulle creation. Her wedding dress was created by UK-based couturier Joanne Fleming Design, internationally known for vintage-inspired bespoke pieces.

How much did Pewdiepies wedding cost?

According to reports from the Daily Mail, PewDiePie and Marzia’s wedding cost an estimated £121,500 – or $148,860.46, for those across the pond. PewDiePie and Marzia tied the knot after exactly eight years together.

How much was Marzia’s dress?

The wedding took place at Kew Gardens’ Nash Conservatory and Temperate House in the United Kingdom, which boasts the world’s largest Victorian glasshouse. Merely renting space at the venue alone carries a price tag of $25,728. PewDiePie’s tuxedo is estimated to have cost $6,850 and Marzia’s dress totaling $9,000.

Are PewDiePie and Marzia married yet?

Since 2019, the YouTube sensation has been married to Marzia Kjellberg, aka CutiePie, who is an Italian internet personality, designer and businesswoman.

Does Marzia not like being on camera?

“I was so insecure and ashamed that it made me hate how I looked, and wanted to hide it, so I pretty much banished the right side of my face from being on photos.” However, she said after years of struggling with it, she’s finally ready to embrace her whole face.