Did Gwyneth Paltrow sing Bette Davis Eyes?

Did Gwyneth Paltrow sing Bette Davis Eyes?

American actress Gwyneth Paltrow recorded a cover of “Bette Davis Eyes” that was included on the soundtrack to the 2000 road trip film Duets.

What is so special about Bette Davis Eyes?

But what’s the deal with these eyes? Those ‘Bette Davis eyes’ could have been indicative of a medical condition known as Graves’ disease, which is a serious thyroid and immunological disorder. This disorder causes an inflammatory response in the muscles around the eyes which makes them swell.

Is Kim Carnes Bette Davis Eyes a cover?

The various covers of “Bette Davis Eyes” are interesting reinterpretations, but most of them are interpreting the version by Carnes, not DeShannon. It’s as if Carnes’ cover not only eclipsed the original but erased it and became the new original.

What did Bette Davis think of Bette Davis Eyes song?

How Bette Davis felt about the song. Davis embraced the song. She wrote a letter to Carnes as well as the song’s writers — Donna Weiss and Jackie Shannon — thanking them mentioning her. Davis said “Bette Davis Eyes” made her seem cool to her grandchildren.

Who was the song Bette Davis Eyes written about?

After this song became a hit single, Bette Davis wrote letters to Kim Carnes and the songwriters to say she was a fan of the song and thank them for making her “a part of modern history.” One of the reasons the legendary actress loved the song is that her granddaughter thought her grandmother was “cool” for having a …

Did Bonnie Tyler sing Bette Davis Eyes?

Betty Davis Eyes Paroles – BONNIE TYLER – GreatSong.

Does Rod Stewart sing Bette Davis Eyes?

Rod Stewart – Betty Davis Eyes.

Who did the song Bette Davis eyes?

Kim CarnesBette Davis Eyes / Artist

What did Bette Davis died of?

Breast cancerBette Davis / Cause of death

Bette Davis died of breast cancer at the American Hospital of Paris on Oct. 6, 1989, at the age of 81. She was buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles.