Can you shoot down the helicopter in Half-Life 2?

Can you shoot down the helicopter in Half-Life 2?

The only way you can viably kill the Hunter-Chopper is when it is using its pulse turrets, so wait until then. Gather some supply crates if you need them. Shoot the your pulse turret when the Hunter-Chopper gets within range.

How do you beat the gunship in Half-Life 2?

Ideally, perform evasive maneuvers with the rocket until it gets close, steer it around the Gunship, and hit it from behind. It is also sometimes possible to fire straight up at a Gunship directly above the player and hit its “belly” before it has time to recognize the threat.

Do Hunter choppers have pilots?

The Hunter-Chopper is crewed by two Overwatch Soldiers, a pilot and a gunner. The Hunter-Chopper also has infrared viewing systems, allowing it to sight concealed targets.

What are the Combine soldiers?

Overwatch Soldiers, known as Combine Soldiers by Citizens, and Stabilization Teams by the Overwatch Voice, are the basic transhuman infantry units of the Combine Overwatch, and the primary military of the Combine on Earth.

Are Combine gunships organic?

They’re not organic anymore, but they’re not robots either, they’re somewhere in the middle, though still more machine then living being. Originally posted by Sovereign: Both, all Combine “creatures” (soldiers, gunships, hunters etc) are synthetics created by fusing technology with flesh.

Why do Apache pilots sit in the back?

The pilots sit one behind the other. You can fly the aircraft from both seats, but on operations in Afghanistan, the mission commander tends to sit in the front seat to operate the sights, sensors and weapon systems, with the second pilot flying from the back seat, which has slightly better visibility.

Why do Apaches have two pilots?

The apache requires two pilots. You leave flight school and you are a PI and always will fly with a PC. Your commander makes you a PC when/if he decides you can do the job. Once you are a PC you may still fly as a PI with another PC.

Are Combine elites human?

The Overwatch Elite has had several predecessors during the development of Half-Life 2, such as the Combine Synth Elite Soldier and the Combine Super Soldier, both early elite Combine units were dropped in favor of a more humanoid model. It also inherited its helmet from the Combine Assassin.