Can you royal oppression a Jinzo?

Can you royal oppression a Jinzo?

Royal Oppression: If “Royal Oppression” is face-up on the field, and “Monster Reborn” is activated to Special Summon “Jinzo”, you can activate the effect of “Royal Oppression” in a chain to negate the Special Summon because “Jinzo” is not on the field until the chain resolves.

Can you chain trap to Jinzo?

When a Trap Card or the effect of a Trap Card is activated, and “Call of the Haunted” is chained to Special Summon “Jinzo”, then the first Trap Card is negated.

How do you summon Jinzo easily?

6. Jinzo – Lord. Lord is the boss monster of the Jinzo archetype, and you can only special summon him (he can’t be normal summoned/set) by sending a face-up Jinzo you control to the graveyard.

Can you floodgate Jinzo?

Floodgate Trap Hole affects cards like Red Eyes Slash Dragon and Blue Eyes Chaos Max Dragon that are immune to targeting of card effects from spell/traps and monster effects. It however doesn’t work on cards like Jinzo that prevent trap cards from activating or Sorcerer of Dark Magic that negates trap card effects.

Can you chain Solemn Judgment Jinzo?

2) Jinzo’s effect is Continuous. You can’t chain anything to his effect. Ever. Anyhoo, yes, you can negate the Normal/Tribute Summon and the Flip Summon of Jinzo with Solemn Judgment (or Horn of Heaven).

Can Call of the Haunted bring back Jinzo?

You can use “Call of the Haunted” to Special Summon “Jinzo” from your Graveyard. After “Jinzo” is Special Summoned, the effect of “Call of the Haunted” is negated and “Call of the Haunted” remains on the field meaninglessly.

Is Jinzo still good?

Jinzo is one of the strongest creatures in game. Jinzo is a powerful creature in Yu-Gi-Oh!, requiring a tribute to Summon. He has 2,400 ATK and 1,500 DEF, which seems lackluster, but he possesses an effect that disables all Trap cards on the battlefield.

Does floodgate trap hole work on link monsters?

No, monsters have to be face-up in order to be used for a Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and most Link summons. The only extra deck monster I can think of that lets you use a face-down monster for material is the Link Monster “Clara & Rushka, the Ventriloduo” (although if flipped down by floodgate It’s not a Set).