Can you return Alex and Ani bracelets without a receipt?

Can you return Alex and Ani bracelets without a receipt?

Return Policy ALEX AND ANI jewelry is meant to bring happiness and inspiration to its wearers. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please return the item(s) to us within 30 days of the purchase or order delivery date. The returned item must be unworn with the UPC tag attached or appropriate UPC packaging.

Does Alex and Ani have free returns?

Update: we’ve found 513 more women’s accessories stores like Alex and Ani that currently offer free returns & exchanges and 1,663 apparel stores that are offering free returns & exchanges . You can also view all 11,423 stores that offer free returns & exchanges across all categories.

How do I stop my Alex and Ani bracelet from tarnishing?

Cleaning Your Bracelets: Cleaning your jewelry early and often (at least once per month) is the best way to prevent oxidation, and our reusable signature polishing cloth (made from 100% cotton flannel) effectively cleans all ALEX AND ANI jewelry.

Is it OK to wear bracelets on both wrists?

Wearing Bracelets on Both Wrists: Do It! Whether you’re going for a sleek and refined look or a simple bohemian one, you can make bracelets on both wrists work. Don’t be afraid to share your favorite pieces, even twenty at a time! But make sure you don’t overdo it. So go ahead, wear all those bracelets.

Are there fake Alex and Ani bracelets?

These are in fact, fake. When placed next to real alex and ani bracelets, you can notice the differences immediately.

Is Alex and Ani real gold?

They’re any of the metals gold, silver, or platinum. At ALEX AND ANI, precious metals are featured in our fine jewelry collection. Each piece has a base that is made of authentic, . From there, many designs also come with 14kt gold plating, so what you choose depends on your preferred finish.

How do I track my ALEX AND ANI order?

You can find your tracking number in the order confirmation email.

How do you wear a bangle bracelet?

Stack up your jewelry pieces for a super trendy and modern style that you can rock with any look. You can dress them up with a jumpsuit or stylish skirts or wear it with shorts and sandals. You can for example wear your stacking bracelets on one hand and only one on the other to perfectly balance out your style.

Are Alex and Ani bracelets worth it?

Is Alex and Ani Jewelry Worth It? This Alex and Ani jewelry review recommend checking this brand out for its unique and affordable collection. One of the main advantages of this company is that they have thousands of designs to choose from and they are all generally inexpensive.

Is there a warranty on Alex and Ani bracelets?

ALEX AND ANI offers a one (1)-year limited warranty from the date of purchase for any manufacturing and material defects for ALEX AND ANI products purchased in store and online from ALEX AND ANI or authorized ALEX AND ANI retailers (“Authorized Retailer”) only.

Can you wear Alex and Ani bracelets in the shower?

Step 1: Caring for Beaded Bangles Here’s how to care for beaded Alex and Ani bracelets. always take your bracelets off before showering, swimming, using abrasive cleaners, and applying beauty products. *4.) never store bangles when wet.

Are Alex and Ani bracelets one size fits all?

Q: Will the bracelets fit my wrist? A: Yes! ALEX AND ANI jewelry is expandable and sizes down to approximately 2 inches in diameter and up to approximately 3.5 inches in diameter.

Does Alex and Ani do student discounts?

Yes, Alex and Ani does offer student discounts.

How long does Alex and Ani take to ship?

If your order does not show any movement after 30 days from the date your tracking was assigned, please contact us then….UNITED STATES SHIPPING.

Shipping Method Delivery Time Shipping Charges
Standard Up to 10 business days Free
Priority Up to 3 business days $10.95
Expedited Up to 2 business days $19.95