Can you play netball with earrings in?

Can you play netball with earrings in?

Nails/Jewellery/Hair Part of the rules of netball includes a “No earrings” rule for player safety. Please ensure long hair is tied back so as not to restrict play or cause injury.

Can you tape earrings for netball Australia?

No adornment or jewellery may be worn other than a wedding ring, medical alert bracelet/necklace, which shall be covered with tape in accordance with the official Rules of Netball 2020 Edition, rules 5.1. 1 (iv) a & b.

Can you tape your earrings for netball?

covered with soft tape. Body piercing (ears, nose & eyebrow) which cannot be removed shall be taped. Taping, appropriate sports tape is to be used (no band-aids).

Can netball players wear jewelry?

No players or umpires shall take the court if wearing any type of jewellery. This includes but is not restricted to: earrings, nose rings, necklaces, watches, rings, and bracelets. Hair elastics and other items secured around an individual’s wrist must also be removed prior to taking court.

Can you tape earrings for Netball NSW?

Full uniforms must be worn – earrings or piercings are not permitted in any game (including those that are taped). Q.

Can I tape my nails for netball?

5. Fingernails: 1 piece of tape over the top of the nail and 1 piece of tape around the nail is permitted. Ideally fingernails should be cut short. Gloves are not permitted.

Can you tape earrings for netball NSW?

Are there still toss ups in netball?

Toss ups in netball Occasionally players will get tangled up when reaching for the ball at the same time and the umpire will be unable to decide who has possession. In these instances, the official will use a toss up to restart the game.

Can you play netball with long nails?

Nails must be kept short. As a guideline, nails should be no longer than 1mm long and should not be seen from the underside of the finger. This is to protect other players from injury.

Can your foot be on the line in netball?

When taking a throw in, a player places her foot up to but not on the sideline or backline of the court. The lines are part of the court. If any part of your foot is touching the line or you step into the court in the process of taking the throw in, this is deemed to be a foul throw.

Can I purchase a copy of the rules of netball?

The Rules remain at all times the property of World Netball and copies of the Rules downloaded here are strictly not for sale or re-print. If you would like to purchase a Rules of Netball book these are available from the national netball associations that are affiliated with World Netball or from World Netball via the World Netball Shop

What are the rules of netball for young players?

(v) Matches for Young Players For primary school age children, who are just beginning to play Netball, it is likely more extensive modifications may be desirable to allow for differences in stature, strength and skill level. Thus a lower goalpost or a smaller ball may be used.

Who owns the intellectual property rights to the rules of netball?

The copyright and intellectual property rights for the Rules of Netball are owned by INF. *Domestic orders only. International orders will incur a flat rate postage cost of $20AUD If you are located outside Australia, we will contact you after your order has been placed to arrange payment.

What are the core values of netball?

Equal opportunity, fair play and respect for an opponent’s skill and safety. Those are the core values that the Rules of Netball are based on. To respect these values, it is the responsibility of: Players to make sure they are physically and technically prepared to play the game, comply with the rules and take part safely and fairly