Can you make a reservation at Black Tap NYC?

Can you make a reservation at Black Tap NYC?

Book Your Black Tap Soho Reservation on Resy.

Who owns black tap NYC?

restaurateur Chris Barish
Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer is an international gourmet burger restaurant chain run by restaurateur Chris Barish. The restaurant was described as a “cult eatery” by the New York Post for its creatively-decorated milkshakes, In 2016, Black Tap received Time Out Magazine’s People’s Choice award for ‘Best Burger’.

When did black tap open?

The backstory: Black Tap opened its first location, a 600-square-foot, 15-seat counter-service spot in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, in 2015.

How many calories are in a black tap shake?

1600 calories
Some claim that they’re just as good as they look, while others claim that it’s all just hype. As I’m sure you can guess, these shakes are quite high in calories. Roughly 1600 calories a drink, to be specific.

Where was the first Black Tap?

We’ve grown a lot from our first “OG” spot on SoHo’s Broome Street.

Where was the first black tap?

When did black tap open in Downtown Disney?

April 27, 2019
Black Tap, known for its award-winning burgers and famous CrazyShake™ milkshakes, opened its newest location, Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes, in the Downtown Disney® District at Disneyland Resort on Saturday, April 27, 2019.

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Does Black Tap-Soho have outdoor seating?

My only gripe is that the buns don’t hold everything in, but that’s always the case with tall burgers. People found Black Tap – Soho by searching for… Does Black Tap – Soho have outdoor seating? Yes, Black Tap – Soho has outdoor seating. Is Black Tap – Soho currently offering delivery or takeout?

What do you think of black tap-Soho?

Start your review of Black Tap – Soho. The Caesar salad was delicious! So vinegar-y. The burgers were pretty good. They were hit and fresh but didn’t stand out to me for flavor. The French fries were fine. We came for the milkshakes but were unable to order them due to a shortage of ingredients and the machine being turned off?

Is there a takeout only joint at Black Tap?

For a limited time only, we’re introducing a new takeout-only joint from the Black Tap team. Meet Singles & Doubles. Popping up in our OG Soho spot, we’ll have the greatest hits you know and love, served in a fresh and faster way.

How do I order takeout and delivery from black tap?

You can place takeout and delivery orders online at or at our in-person order counter. Kickin’ at home? #BlackTapThat dessert with our brand new DIY CrazyShake® Kits featuring the Brooklyn Blackout or CakeShake® (email to request – must be ordered in advance).