Can you get refund with Alitalia?

Can you get refund with Alitalia?

If they are unable or not interested in rescheduling, passengers can request the full refund, without penalty, of the price at which the ticket was purchased or the residual value of the ticket for the journey not yet made.

Is Alitalia airlines going out of business?

ROME — Italy’s bankrupt national airline, Alitalia, made its final flights Thursday before formally folding, marking the end of business for the 74-year-old carrier and an end of an era for Italy.

What will happen to Alitalia CityLiner?

Since 2020, Alitalia CityLiner Parent Company, Alitalia, has been fully owned by the Italian government. Due to its parent company entering administration, Alitalia CityLiner ceased operations at the same time as its parent company, Alitalia, on 15 October 2021 when both were replaced by ITA Airways.

Which country owns Alitalia Airlines?

Alitalia – Società Aerea Italiana S.p.A., operating as Alitalia (Italian pronunciation: [aliˈtaːlja]), was an airline which was once the flag carrier and largest airline of Italy….Alitalia.

Destinations 100 (2021)
Parent company Government of Italy (via Ministry of Economy and Finance)

Can I cancel an Alitalia flight online?

Alitalia Airlines gives the facility to cancel flight online without any hassles. Also, passengers can make a request for the refund online by filling the refund request form at Alitalia Airlines official site

What is going on with Alitalia?

Government-owned Alitalia ceased operations on October 15, marking the end of its 74-year era. Alitalia has been replaced by ITA Airways, a brand new airline that will not be responsible for the old carrier’s debt. ITA plans to buy 28 Airbus jets, create a new aircraft livery, and launch a new loyalty program.