Can you be extradited from Turkey?

Can you be extradited from Turkey?

Article 18 of the Turkish Penal Code is the most prominent provi- sion with regard to extradition. According to this article: A foreign suspect or convict may be extradited to a requesting for- eign State.

What is the Gulen movement in Turkey?

Gülen movement
Ideology Gülenism Islamic democracy Islamism (moderate) Conservative democracy Interfaith dialogue
Status Collection of schools, associations and media outlets with no centralised executive leadership Banned by Republic of Turkey
Size Formerly 200,000 to four million Presently unknown. 70,000 in Germany (2018)

Where is Gülen?

Over the years, Gülen became a centrist political figure in Turkey prior to his being there as a fugitive. Since 1999, Gülen has lived in self-exile in the United States near Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania.

What countries can the UK not extradite you from?

Streamlined arrangements Ten EU states – Croatia, Germany, Greece, Finland, France, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Sweden – have said they will not extradite citizens who are suspected of committing crimes inside the UK, to the UK.

Why did the Turkish coup fail?

One of the primary reasons that the coup failed was chaos among the plotters’ ranks. Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MİT) head Hakan Fidan discovered the coup plot, and the plotters were forced to execute the coup five hours ahead of schedule.

What is FETO terrorism?

FETO is an illegal organisation aiming to establish a new political, economic and social order, which have no relevance to Islam, by exploiting the religion.

Who was behind the Turkish coup 2016?

The 15 July 2016 coup d’état attempt (Turkish: 15 Temmuz darbe girişimi) was attempted in Turkey against state institutions, including the government and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The attempt was carried out by a faction within the Turkish Armed Forces that organized themselves as the Peace at Home Council.

How many schools does Gulen have in the US?

In the United States, there are currently 167 charter schools that are likely linked with the Gulen Movement in 26 states and Washington D.C, making it one of the largest charter school organizations in the country.

What is a Gulen charter school?

A Gulen charter school is a publicly-funded charter school that was founded and is run by individuals who are secretly followers of a Turkish imam named Fethullah Gulen. Gulen’s followers are called Gulenists, and collectively they form a worldwide covert network called the Gulen Movement.