Can we travel long distance in access 125?

Can we travel long distance in access 125?

Of course yes, it depends on your speed i drove my access125 2018 model nonstop for 75km with speed between 85 to 105 on NH-8 i didn’t had any problem because suzuki engines are much capable than honda. So you can go more than 150km on access with single break of 10 minute per 70 to 80 km.

How much mileage does Access 125 gives?

The mileage of Suzuki Access 125 is 52.45 kmpl.

What is the mileage of access 125 2020?

52.45 Kmpl
Suzuki Access 125 Key Specifications

Engine 124 cc
Mileage 52.45 Kmpl view user reported mileage
Emission Type BS6
Kerb Weight 103 Kg
Max Power 8.7 bhp

How do you calculate mileage in access?


  1. Ask the fuel pump attendant to set the fuel filler setting to the slowest.
  2. Set the trip meter to 0, before you leave the petrol pump.
  3. Ride the motorcycle or scooter for approximately 100kms.
  4. Go to the petrol pump.
  5. Calculate mileage by dividing 100kms with the number of litres.

What is difference Access 125 and special edition?

Compare the Suzuki Access 125 SE Vs Suzuki Access 125 on carandbike to make an informed buying decision as to which bike to buy in 2022….Engine.

Engine CC 124.0 cc 124.0 cc
Max Power 8.58 bhp @ 6750 rpm 8.58 bhp @ 7000 rpm
Max Torque 10.2 Nm @ 5500 rpm 10.2 Nm @ 5000 rpm
Valves Per Cylinder 2 2

What is difference between access 125 and special edition?

Which is better Activa 6G or access 125?

BikeWale brings you comparison of Honda Activa 6G and Suzuki Access 125….Activa 6G vs Access 125 Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights Activa 6G Access 125
Capacity 109.51 cc 124 cc
Power 7.68 bhp @ 8000 rpm 8.6 bhp @ 6750 rpm
Economy 50 kmpl 48 kmpl

Which is better access or Activa?

Let’s check out the Suzuki Access 125 vs Honda Activa 125 comparison….Suzuki Access 125 vs Honda Activa 125 – Engines.

Petrol engine Suzuki Access 125 Honda Activa 125
Displacement 124 cc 124 cc
No. of cylinders 1 1
Power 8.7 PS @ 6,750 rpm 8.3 PS @ 6,500 rpm
Torque 10 Nm @ 5,500 rpm 10.3 Nm @ 5,000 rpm

Is 125cc bike good for long drive?

Yes bro. These days 125cc bikes comes with disk brakes and tubeless tyres. If the tyre conditions are good, go for a long trip but give some 15-20 mins rest after every 200 kms. Yes, you can ride as long as 500km with Full Tank Fuel without any problem at all.