Can we celebrate Diwali without crackers?

Can we celebrate Diwali without crackers?

While you get to save a lot of money, the amount you saved without buying crackers can be used for some other useful and interesting things connected with the festival. Diwali without crackers also means a safe Diwali with fewer accidents and health hazards….

How can I spend Diwali alone?

Spending Diwali Alone This Year? Here Are Some Things To Do!

  1. Treat Yourself To A Spa-cial Day.
  2. Skype/ Facetime With Your Family.
  3. Share A Zoom Diwali Party Invitation On Social Media.
  4. Get Drunk And Dance To A Playlist Of Peppy Bollywood Numbers.
  5. Capture Pictures Of The Celebrations Around You.

Is Crackers banned in up 2020?

The Uttar Pradesh government on Tuesday allowed ‘green crackers’ in certain districts where the air quality is ‘moderate’ or better. Besides, the Yogi Adityanath-led BJP government also announced a ban on the sale and use of all types crackers in the NCR from Tuesday midnight to 30 November to 1 December midnight….

How can we celebrate Diwali without crackers in English?


  1. LIGHT IT UP WITH ECO-FRIENDLY DIYAS: The markets are filled with different types of Diyas from fancy designer ones to the simple mud diyas.
  6. Use the money spent on crackers for a noble cause:

Why are crackers banned?

Gehlot tweeted, “State govt has taken the decision to ban the sale and bursting of firecrackers to protect the health of COVID-19 infected patients and public from poisonous smoke emanating due to fireworks. In this challenging corona pandemic time, protecting the lives of people is paramount for govt.”…

What is the aim to say no to crackers?

A special ‘Say No To Crackers’ campaign was organised by the students of the schoolon Novenber 3, 2018 with the aim of creating awareness amongst the masses about the tremendous air pollution caused due to bursting of crackers.

What we should not do on Diwali?

Never cook or consume non-vegetarian foods in home, abstain from taking alcohol during Diwali. Throughout the night of Diwali puja, never leave the puja place unattended so that the lamp you light burns with a continuous supply of ghee or oil. Do not clap while singing Lakshmi aarti….

Where are crackers banned in India?

In big states like Maharasthtra, Delhi, West Bengal and Rajasthan, bursting of fire crackers have been completely prohibited. However, some states have permitted the bursting of green crackers with certain conditions. In UP and Bihar, crackers are allowed only in cities with moderate air quality….

Why we should not burst crackers in English?

Crackers create high decibel sound and most people feel numbness in the ears after bursting crackers. It can also lead to deafness. Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrous Oxides and many other harmful gases are released because of crackers causing respiratory problems and diseases.

Does Diwali crackers pollute the air?

Diwali is celebrated widely in Asian countries, with a custom of firing crackers. Crackers pollute the environment with noise, particulate matter and chemicals. An average of 1,904 ± 2.5 CFU/m3 of bacteria recorded prior Diwali was reduced by 53.23% on Diwali and increased by 27.37% after Diwali.

Is Crackers good or bad?

Low in fiber and high in sodium, this snack does not provide the energy boost most people are looking for during the afternoon, and you’re not likely to feel satisfied. (However, some crackers are high in fiber and low in sodium; and topping them with low-fat cheese takes them from a bad snack to a healthy one.)

Is it good to burst crackers?

To produce colors when crackers are burst, radioactive and poisonous elements are used. When these compounds pollute the air, they increase the risk of cancer in people. The harmful fumes while firing crackers can lead to miscarriage. Hence, pregnant women are advised to stay at home when crackers firing is at peak.

In which state crackers are ban?

So far, a total of 13 states have imposed a ban on firecrackers:

  • Delhi. Also read.
  • Uttar Pradesh.
  • Bihar.
  • Maharashtra.
  • Telangana.
  • Chandigarh.
  • West Bengal.
  • Odisha.

Why burning of crackers are harmful?

Fire cracker increases the concentration of dust and pollutants in the air. After firing, the dust and pollutants packed with chemicals like Sulphur, zinc, copper and sodium is settling down in the exposed areas and these dust and pollutants start destructing our environment and easily put our health at risk.

Are Crackers allowed in 2020?

After initially banning the sale and use of firecrackers in Karnataka, the BS Yediyurappa-led government in the state recently modified the order, saying that people are allowed to sell and use “green firecrackers” during Diwali 2020. The firecrackers are claimed to be without lithium, arsenic, lead, and barium….

Why crackers are burnt on Diwali?

Firecrackers are actually a Chinese import It is believed that the gunpowder technology was brought to India and Europe from China by the Arabs. Over time, it assumed religious significance of symbolizing the victory of good over evil and got tagged along with Diwali too, as well as other festivals….

What are the disadvantages of crackers?

Disadvantages of Burning crackers:

  • Burning crackers causes air pollution as it releases harmful carbon dioxide gases.
  • Burning crackers also produces excessive noise causing noise pollution.
  • Crackers also accumulate garbage and act as a major reason for smog too.
  • Careless burning of crackers may also cause injuries to the individual.

How crackers affect animals?

The high decibel of firecrackers hurt the ears of animals as well as birds. Not just sound, but light and smoke emitted by crackers also disturb these birds and animals. If you have a pet you will know how they get scared, anxious, confused and start to panic with the sound of crackers….

Should crackers be banned group discussion?

In Favour – Firecrackers should be banned: When these are ignited altogether, hazardous oxides of gases are emitted which causes suffocation, reduces visibility and other health hazards. These days high-decibel firecrackers are the hype. This is causing a lot of noise pollution and may impact hearing ability….

Are Crackers banned in India 2020?

The Calcutta High Court on November 5, 2020, ordered a ban on all varieties of crackers or fireworks for Kali Puja, Diwali, and Chhatpuja in West Bengal….