Can Reiner Braun turn into a Titan?

Can Reiner Braun turn into a Titan?

Reiner and Bertolt transform into Titans When she moves in to finish off a critically-wounded Bertolt, Reiner throws her from the Wall before transforming into the Armored Titan.

Is Reiner a good titan or a bad Titan?

Despite his original status as a villain, Reiner has engaged in dozens of heroic actions that added depth to his character and made him well-rounded. By identifying the times he was a good person, we can better appreciate how divided his personality was and the ways he actually helped the Eldians he claimed to loathe.

Is Reiner Braun good or bad?

Reiner Braun is the secondary antagonist of the anime/manga series Attack on Titan and Eren Yeager’s arch-nemesis. He serves as a supporting character, while also secretly acting as an antagonist, in the series until the second half of the Clash of the Titans arc where he becomes the main antagonist.

Is Reiner Braun strong?

Although Reiner is a powerful figure in Attack On Titan, there are other characters who are even stronger. Reiner Braun was the Armored Titan and among the most powerful characters of the original Attack On Titan story arcs.

How old is Zeke Yeager?


Name: Zeke Yeager ジーク・イェーガー Jīku Yēgā
Gender: Male
Age: 25 (850) 29 (854)
Height: 183 cm (Human form) 17 m (Titan form)
Weight: 92 kg

Is Zeke a bad guy?

He had moments of both good and bad throughout Attack on Titan. Zeke Yeager was one of the main antagonists of the Attack on Titan series. He used the formidable wingspan of the Beast Titan to whip projectiles at adversaries with deadly force and became a nemesis of Levi Ackerman.

Is Zeke stronger than Reiner?

Moreover zeke proved to be able to defeat reiner without effort, and, being called the strongest warrior, probably his power in combat is second only to the warhammer titan and the founder titan.

Is Eren Titan stronger than Reiner?

Season 4 finally gives us the answer. Eren Yeager is definitely the more capable fighter of the two. Eren has better agility, speed, and techniques than Reiner. Reiner clearly lacks these qualities and can only make up for it with his armor.

Did Porco like Pieck?

Porco has shown his kindness toward Pieck. Because of that fact, many consider them a cute couple. PokkoPiku is a portmanteau of Porco’s nickname in Japanese romaji, Pokko and Pieck’s name in romaji, Piku.