Can iPhone use PdaNet?

Can iPhone use PdaNet?

PdaNet — Use your iPhone as a Wireless Router for your PC/Mac. has been the best tethering software for Windows Mobile phones and Palm OS phones. It is now ported to iPhone and Android!

How do I install PdaNet on my iPhone?

How to set up PDAnet?

  1. Go to Control Panel >Network Connections.
  2. Right click on “Wireless Network Connection” and select “Properties”
  3. Select the “Wireless Networks” tab.
  4. Click “Add”
  5. Give a name to your network in the SSID box, ie. “
  6. For security purposes, uncheck the box that says “The key is provided for me automatically”

What is PdaNet plus?

PdaNet+ is one of the top Android applications of all time. PdaNet+ shares the Internet access of your Android phone with your computer or tablet. PdaNet+ works on all Android phones without rooting. It also does not require a tether plan, that will save you $20/month from most carriers.

How do I install PdaNet on my iPad?

How to Install PdaNet on the iPad

  1. Tap the “Cydia” button on your iPad’s Home screen to launch the Cydia application.
  2. Tap the “Search” button and type “PdaNet” into the search box.
  3. Tap the entry for the PdaNet app in the search results.
  4. Tap the “Install” button, followed by the “Confirm” button on the next page.
  5. Tip.

How do I connect to PdaNet hotspot?

On Android tablet/device side install PdaNet+ from, then open and tap “Connect to a PdaNet Hotspot” to connect to your phone. During the first connection please allow VPN to be started.

Why does PdaNet WiFi hotspot not work?

Ensure the data connection on your Android phone is active if you are unable to establish a connection through PdaNet. Press “Menu” from the home screen and touch “Settings.” Touch “Wireless and Networks,” then touch “Mobile Networks.” Check the “Data Enabled” field and attempt to connect through the application again.