Can I have a rabbit in South Australia?

Can I have a rabbit in South Australia?

The keeping and sale of wild rabbits is prohibited in all areas. Keeping and sale of domestic breeds of rabbits in especially sensitive areas. The keeping and sale of domestic breeds of rabbits is prohibited on all offshore islands with the exception of Wardang Island where wild rabbits are already established.

What breed of rabbit are in Australia?

There is a variety of popular domestic rabbit breeds that make great family pets in Australia. The most popular breeds are the Dwarf Lop, Mini Lop, Netherland Dwarf as well as mixed breed rabbits.

What is the best rabbit breed to have as a pet?

What breed of rabbit makes the best pet? While every rabbit has its own personality, the best rabbit breeds for pets are the Holland Lop, the Lionhead, and the English Lop. These breeds are sociable, adorable, and easy to care for.

Do you need a license to breed rabbits in South Australia?

1992, Organisational Development Review Report, Department of Agriculture, South Australia. Due to the low risk to wild rabbit management programs, the keeping and sale of domestic breeds for meat, fibre and pelts is permitted under the NRM Act and no permits are required to farm rabbits.

Are there wild rabbits in Adelaide?

With this summer’s cooler temperatures and higher rainfall, rabbits are in concerning numbers in many locations through the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula. Over the past few years, rabbit numbers have been building up and we now have rabbit numbers as high as they have been in many decades.

How much is a rabbit in SA?

Rabbits are slaughtered at between 2 kg to 2.5kg and each raw unit costs between R55 to R150. But you shouldn’t start too small, one expert advises. For R60,000, a startup farmer can get 40 rabbits, 12 cages, feeders, waste pans, and training. For more stories, go to

What is the easiest rabbit to care for?

Dutch, Jersey Wooly, Himalayan and Chinchilla rabbits are easy-going and cheerfully tolerate handling. Every rabbit has a unique personality, so choosing a breed and hoping for the best is not enough. Spend time with a rabbit before permanently bringing it into the family.

Is it illegal to breed rabbits in Australia?

Breeding of rabbits for any other purpose is an offence. The domestic varieties and the wild (grey) variety of rabbits are the same species, although the domestic varieties have been heavily modified via years of cross-breeding and selection by rabbit enthusiasts.

Are rabbit traps legal in South Australia?

South Australia Small steel-jaw traps are prohibited. Large steel-jaw traps are prohibited in most areas except for wild dog control along the dingo fence and for research purposes. The large steel-jaw traps are required to be bound with cloth soaked strychnine or modified.