Can I have a pizza oven in my backyard?

Can I have a pizza oven in my backyard?

An outdoor pizza oven is a beautiful addition to any outdoor cooking area. Not only does it produce delicious pizzas, but you can cook many other foods with it. Usually made of brick, stone, or concrete, outdoor pizza ovens can easily be built on a wood deck.

Are pizza ovens a fire hazard?

If it falls over during use, it can be a serious fire and safety hazard. It needs to be placed outside, not in the garage or basement. Aside from being a fire hazard, the exhaust gases need to be ventilated properly. Some pizza ovens can be used indoors, but if yours isn’t designed for it, don’t do it.

Do pizza ovens create a lot of smoke?

Conclusion. There is no reason why your pizza oven should smoke too much if you use the right wood and learn to build a fire properly for efficient combustion. There will be a learning curve to getting it right, and your pizza oven needs to cure at the start, so expect some smokey fires early on.

Is Terracotta good for pizza oven?

Refractory terracotta wood ovens are one of the most ancient tools for cooking and preparing food. Refractory terracotta is an excellent natural material for accumulating heat. Thanks to its gradual release, it guarantees ideal cooking especially for pizza, bread, cakes, vegetables and roasts.

Where should I put my pizza oven?

While locating a pizza oven away from the home is a homeowner’s personal choice, it makes the most sense if this location were located near/under a secondary structure on the property like a pavilion or pool house. Preparation, cooking and dining should all happen within the same reasonable space to remain comfortable.

How far should a pizza oven be from a house?

We also recommend leaving a distance of 3 feet between the oven and any structure like walls, fences, trees, etc… Also, make sure that the front / opening of your oven faces the direction of the oncoming wind.

How close can a pizza oven be to a tree?