Are Weller soldering guns good?

Are Weller soldering guns good?

Weller is known as the best in soldering guns and the 9400 model is awesome. This gun features three LED lights for better views of your soldering projects. It cuts in less than 6 seconds and comes with three tips. Perhaps the best part—it comes with a 7-year warranty.

Are butane soldering irons any good?

While butane irons have several advantages over their electric counterparts, they are similarly priced. Although butane may cost more than electricity, the benefits of a butane soldering iron often outweigh the difference in fuel prices.

What is a Weller Portasol?

Piezo ignition with push-button ease & convenience. Portasol® is a registered trademark of Olgesby and Butler Limited. Gas capacity allows up to 1 hour of continuous use, ample for most jobs. Can be used as a mini-torch with optional PPT12 flame tip. Fast heat-up for high productivity, melts solder in less than 40 …

What is a Weller sp23?

The Weller SP23LK Marksman 25-Watt Soldering Iron Kit has everything you need to get started soldering. The SP23LK Soldering Kit makes easy work of soldering speaker wires, fixing remote-control cars, making jewelry, assembling circuit boards, repairing radios, and more.

What is the hottest soldering gun?

Best Soldering Guns

Soldering Guns Highest Wattage Buy Now
Weller D550PK Soldering Gun 260 Watts Check On Amazon
Atd Tools Soldering Gun 230 Watts Check On Amazon
Dorman Soldering Gun 100 Watts Check On Amazon
Wall Lenk Soldering Gun 200 Watts Check On Amazon

Where are Weller soldering guns made?

Keeping pace with the increasing complexity of our customers’ needs, Weller Germany became the market leader for developing and manufacturing hand-soldering products worldwide. Our products were proudly emblazoned with “Made in Germany”, signifying innovation and reliability.

Why do soldering irons stop working?

The majority of soldering irons run on electricity and, if the circuit is broken, the electricity will no longer work. If your soldering iron isn’t producing any heat, it is likely because of a break in the electrical circuit, resulting from either a faulty connection in the iron or heating element failure.

What is the best gas for soldering?

MAPP gas
Use MAPP gas to speed up the job MAPP gas torches burn hotter than propane, making them a better choice for modern solder. Five to 10 seconds of heating with a MAPP gas torch is all that’s required before you can feed solder into most 1/2- to 3/4-in. pipes and fittings.

How do you use Weller gas soldering iron?

Hold the hot iron to the place where the two metal components will meet for about a second to heat them up. You want to heat the metal parts, not the solder itself. Then, touch the solder to the heated components. As the solder melts, it will flow into the gaps it needs to fill.

Is 25 watt enough for a soldering iron?

25W is appropriate for most PCB soldering. Any higher and you’ll melt the traces off the circuit board if you hold the iron on longer than a second. For really small-scale stuff (like SMT) you’d probably want a 15W iron. Unless you’re soldering something to a large piece of metal 25W is more than sufficient.

How hot will a 30 watt soldering iron get?

Power consumption: 16W~30W. Temperature range: 500°F~800°F (260°C~430°C)