Are there any cheat codes for Subnautica?

Are there any cheat codes for Subnautica?

Subnautica began as a PC title, but its PC cheat codes also work on the Xbox One version of the game. To use cheat codes in Subnautica on Xbox One, you’ll first need to enter the game world. Next, press RB + LB + X + A at the same time to bring up the dev console. There, you can enter cheat codes for various benefits.

Does Subnautica have God Mode?

invisible – God mode (infinite player health and infinite vehicle health). Player will also become invisible to enemies.

How do you unlock everything in Subnautica?

Type ency all to unlock all of them. unlock [blueprint] — Unlocks a blueprint, eg, unlock cyclops. unlockall — Unlocks all blueprints.

Do cheats disable achievements in Subnautica?

If the console is opened and/or Console Commands are used, Achievements will be disabled while in that same play session. To counter this, the game world must be reloaded without the console being opened.

How do you get unlimited health in Subnautica?

Subnautica Cheats

  1. Oxygen – Unlimited oxygen.
  2. Nodamage – Unlimited health.
  3. Nocost – No resources required.
  4. Fastbuild – Fast building.
  5. UnlockAll – Unlocks All Blueprints.
  6. Creative – Creative Mode.
  7. Survival – Survival Mode.
  8. Freedom – Freedom Mode.

Is the Sea Emperor friendly?

The Sea Emperor Leviathan is the largest of the living Leviathan class fauna found within the crater in Subnautica. It is sapient and telepathic, but unlike most Leviathans, it is not aggressive.

How do you get Aerogel in Subnautica?

To get Aerogel in Subnautica, you can simply turn to the handy Fabricator that’s in your lifepod. It’s one of the pre-built interior modules present in Lifepod 5 and the only one that remained useable after you crash-landed on the planet.

How deep is the void in Subnautica?

1120 meters
The Crater Edge is a large open ocean devoid of any flora, coral, and all but one non-microscopic fauna species: the three adult Ghost Leviathans that spawn when the player enters the biome. The edges of the playable area, the Crater, stretch downwards to a depth of 1120 meters.

What is the command to cure yourself in Subnautica?

Cure [#]: This command will cure the player and all surrounding flora and fauna. Playerinfection [#]: This command will change the status of the infection for the player. A value of 1 will change the infection’s status to “early stages,” while a value of 5 will cure the player.

Is there going to be a Subnautica 3?

Subnautica studio Unknown Worlds has a new game coming later this year. And it is not Subnautica 3. In October 2021, PUBG Corporation parent company Krafton acquired Unknown Worlds, the developer of the outstanding undersea survival game Subnautica and its 2021 sequel, Subnautica: Below Zero.

What are all the secret achievements in Subnautica?

Getting Your Feet Wet. Dive for the very first time.

  • Extinction Event Avoided. Repair the Aurora reactor.
  • Ancient Technologies. Find the Enforcement Platform.
  • Thermal Activity. Find the Thermal Plant.
  • Find the Lost River.
  • Fourteen Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.
  • Optimal Health.
  • Leave Only Time Capsules.