Are Rock Revival jeans worth it?

Are Rock Revival jeans worth it?

Rock Revival jeans are such a great Jean they’re worth every hard earned penny! They fit true to size and are extremely flattering.

Are Rock Revival jeans made in China?

Authentic Rock Revival jeans are designed in USA made in Vietnam! These are made in China, and although same quality.

Do mens Rock Revival jeans run big?

For first time buyers of Rock Revival jeans make sure to know that they typically run big. I wear a size 32 in just about every pants I own, but with Rock Revival I wear a size 31.

Are Rock Revival jeans designer?

Rock Revival jeans have gained enormous popularity in recent times, becoming one of the brands of choice of many stars and celebrities. These designer jeans are available in over 300 specialty stores throughout the United States, and in an even greater number of online stores and websites.

What is the material of Rock Revival jeans?

What are Rock Revival jeans? They are a rock and roll inspired line of jeans made from quality denim with expert detailing and cutting-edge washes. Made to offer a trailblazing style that is fit for a legend, Rock Revival jeans have created their own path in the fashion world.

Where do Rock Revival jeans come from?

Rock Revival was established in 2005 and is based out of LA. This jean mixes a unique blend of rock and roll culture with cutting edge fashion. Yes, it’s true, Rock Revival Jeans are higher priced than other jeans carried at Renegade, but not without reasoning.

Do Rock Revival jeans shrink when washed?

They hold up over years of wearing them, they don’t shrink if you throw them in the dryer, they absolutely do not stretch out like most jeans do, they are perfect up around the waist line to reduce the possibility of a muffin top. Excellent, excellent jeans.

Do rock revivals run small or big?

Rock and Revival Jeans are available in a variety of different style for both Men and Women, and the Women sizes range from 26-31. They do run true to size so getting a great fit won’t be hard to achieve.

Do Miss Me and Rock Revival jeans fit the same?

Brands such as Rock Revival, Miss Me, and Grace in L.A. tend to have a slimmer fit. Take a look at these and other great brands in slim fit.

Are Rock Revival jeans comfortable?

Best jeans I’ve ever owned! I have two pairs of these jeans and they are by far the most comfortable, best fitting jeans I’ve owned. My Rock Revival jeans have lasted over three years and they fit and look as good as the day I bought them. WELL worth the investment! Comfortable jeans!