Are Quest bows any good?

Are Quest bows any good?

The Quest Thrive hits the elusive sweet spot between quality and value. It’s a pleasant shooting bow offering more than adequate speed for hunting any North American big game animal. Here’s a news flash: Cutting edge, flagship bows are rarely the biggest sellers or highest income producers for bow makers.

How fast is the xpedition smoke?

You came here for the speed, and the new limited-edition Smoke by Xpedition Archery delivers. It’s the fastest bow they’ve produced, and one of the fastest-rated hunting bows ever, at a meteoric 370 fps. IBO. The Smoke has a 32-inch axle-to-axle length and a 5.375-inch brace height.

Who makes Quest bows?

In 2009, G5 introduced Quest Bowhunting to the archery world. Its mission was simple: to bring a bow built with the highest level of craftsmanship and quality the industry has seen for a good price.

Who Makes the G5 compound bow?

OVER 70 YEARS OF AMERICAN MANUFACTURING Grace Engineering has a long history of precision manufacturing. G5 Products are Designed To Hunt.

Who owns G5 bows?

Why is G5 and Prime Bows soaring to the top of the archery equipment and compound bow market? For that question we provided an inside look at the company and the owners Lou, Nate, and Matt Grace.

Are prime bows accurate?

Overall the Prime was a very cool bow and it was plenty accurate to hunt and constantly kill with. I just couldn’t tune it to shoot the same as my bows with yokes in the past and couldn’t get over that in the end.

Where are prime archery bows made?

in America
Prime Bows are proudly made in America, by Americans. Designed by diehard hunters and dedicated archers our high quality standards will continually increase as we strive to be the leaders of technological advancements in the archery world.

Are prime bows the best?

Registered. Prime makes a solid bow, I won’t say they are better than everything else on the market but they are definitely as good as anything else on the market.