Are gas control valves interchangeable?

Are gas control valves interchangeable?

Furnace gas valves are interchangeable if there are two wires seen on the valve. If two or more exist, it is advised to take a picture of the valve and pick up a replacement. If there is a problem you notice with the valve on the furnace, cut the gas off from the mainline.

Can I replace my furnace gas valve?

A furnace gas valve replacement costs $200 to $800 on average. Furnace gas valve prices are $75 to $300 for the part alone or up to $600 for original manufacturer parts (OEM). Gas valve replacement labor costs $125 to $500.

What is a Robertshaw valve?

The Robertshaw® 7000 Series Gas Valve is a combination gas valve that typically includes pilot safety valve, main gas regulation and main gas control. It is available for nearly any application.

Are hot water tank gas valves interchangeable?

Gas Water Heater Parts – Control Valves Natural and propane water heater gas valves are not interchangeable, so, be sure to order a valve for your type of gas.

How do I know if my furnace gas valve is bad?

Here are some signs that indicate your furnace has a bad gas valve.

  1. A Gas Leak. This is a major indicator that something could be wrong with the gas valve in your furnace.
  2. A Total Shutdown of the Furnace.
  3. A Flooded Furnace.
  4. Get Expert Services.

How much does it cost to replace a gas valve on a furnace?

$300 to $750 dollars
Average Cost To Replace the Gas Valve on Your Furnace? According to sites like Home Advisor and, replacing the gas valve on your furnace can cost anywhere from $300 to $750 dollars. This includes the part itself and the services of an HVAC professional.

How many millivolts does a gas valve need to open?

The thermocouple generates about 20-30 millivolts, enough electricity to keep the part of the gas valve that controls gas flow to the pilot assembly open.

How many ohms should a gas valve read?

Test the coils with an ohmmeter with the wires disconnected (you only need to disconnect one wire on each coil) and you should get around 40-60 Ohms resistance at the two leads of each coil. If the meter reads much lower or much higher then the coil is bad and needs to be replaced.

What is a Robertshaw unitrol?

The Robertshaw® Unitrol® 700 Series Bleed Control Gas Valves combine a manual main and pilot gas valve, a separate automatic safety pilot valve, pilot adjustment valve, and a diaphragm valve. The regulated models also feature “straight line” gas pressure regulation.

What is a sit valve?

Sit valve is used on most fireplaces produced after 1999. Uses Thermopile and Thermocouple (quick drop out)