Are Diamana shafts any good?

Are Diamana shafts any good?

Diamana consistently makes the smoothest feeling shafts in golf, and the new TB is no exception. For me, the kick starts just below the grip and effortlessly proceeds to the club head. There’s no feel of aggressive loading and snapping, just an unhurried transfer of energy to the ball.

What is the difference between Diamana red and blue?

With a flex profile designed to accommodate the player who wants a more active tip section and higher trajectory, Diamana Red Board will provide a slightly different feel and shot tendency that Diamana Blue Board, but will provide the same high quality performance that PGA TOUR players have come to know and trust in …

Where are Diamana shafts made?

The new Diamana™ BF-Series, available in weights of 50, 60, 70 and 80 grams, is made exclusively at our state-of-the art facility outside Tokyo, Japan, and showcases significant enhancements over its predecessor, the current Diamana™ B-Series.

Are Diamana shafts graphite?

Mitsubishi Diamana Putter Shafts – Graphite – . Mitsubishi Diamana Putter Shafts are made from premium grade carbon fiber. The Diamana Putter provides a plush yet responsive feel while allowing fore a truer roll upon impact.

What is the difference between Diamana white and blue?

The balance point in the mid-launch Blue Board has been raised to match the shaft’s versatile profile, while the balance point within the White Board remains the same for the low launch shaft that has a stiffer tip for increased control.

Are Mitsubishi shafts good?

The MMT Iron shafts have a wonderful overall feel that invokes confidence. During slower, warm up type air swings, the shaft had a balanced, solid feel. When I cranked up the speed, a stiffer butt revealed itself. Adding a ball into the mix, the tip section with its 304 stainless mesh felt stable with a low kick point.

What type of shaft does Tiger Woods use?

Mitsubishi Diamana shafts
TaylorMade Stealth Plus, TaylorMade SIM Ti They have 13.5 and 19 degrees of loft and both are fitted with Mitsubishi Diamana shafts.

Is Diamana S+ counterbalanced?

What’s also new is that the the second-generation S+ Series shafts are counterbalanced, which means that they have a higher balance point that allows today’s heavier driver, fairway wood and hybrid heads to be played at a standard length or a longer-than-standard length without a drastic affect on swing weight.

What is a Blueboard shaft?

This Blue Board profile, featuring a 50-gram series for the first time, is a versatile mid-launch shaft, with a higher balance point than the original. Combined with the traditional “smooth” bend profile, the new balance point maximizes shotmaking workability and clubfitting versatility.

What driver shaft does Rory McIlroy use?

Known as a superior driver of the ball, McIlroy ranks second in driving distance this season at an eye-catching 320.1 yards with his TaylorMade SIM driver with a Mitsubishi KuroKage 70 XTS shaft.