Are CG16 irons good?

Are CG16 irons good?

But the Cleveland CG16 irons combine the look and feel of a better player’s club with the ease and performance of a game improvement iron. A mid-flexpoint, 85-gram “Cleveland Traction” steel shaft provides smooth power to back up soft feel throughout the set.

Are Cleveland CG clubs good?

We found the CG Gold a good all-round club for players of most abilities, and its more traditional shape will particularly appeal to players who aren’t fond of larger heads or hybrid-shaped irons. Results were really good, and the pro tester felt the minimal offset would especially suit a mid-handicap player.

What year is Cleveland CG7 irons?

Cleveland CG7 Tour Irons were new for 2010. The most advanced irons Cleveland has ever made, offering improved feel and forgiveness thanks to their Laser milled face and Zip grooves, plus added distance through Dynamic Micro-Cavity Technology.

How good are Cleveland Golf irons?

Cleveland have done what they can to make them look as glossy and appealing as possible, but there’s no getting away from the fact they’re maximum game improvement clubs. They have a soft feel. Clearly not the most responsive irons you’ll hit, as they house a large cavity. The most forgiving irons in golf.

Do Cleveland make good irons?

Some Cleveland irons are very, very good. Especially their blades and semi-cavity backs from the years when “game improvement” clubs were in their infancy. Example of a highly-sought Cleveland “Byron Nelson” model blade from the early 90’s. Cleveland’s classic wedges have been popular (and excellent) for decades.

Are the Cleveland CG16 Tour Irons good?

Cleveland CG16 Tour Irons Review. The Cleveland CG16 Tour irons are definitely aimed at the better player. Not only because of the smaller offset than the standard CG16 irons, but also because it was so easy to shape shots whether deliberately or not! This is a good thing as better players will want that level of feedback from an iron.

When did the CG16 irons come out?

Cleveland Golf’s CG16 irons were released in 2011, which is decades ago in terms of golf club technology. Today, the CG16 irons in various iterations — CG16 Pearl Black, CG16 Satin Chrome, and CG16 Tour versions — are still out there on the secondary market.

What is the best finish for Cleveland Irons?

Beautiful Black Pearl finish (also available with Satin Chrome finish) Lighter overall weight improves distance, but shaft/clubhead weights are well-matched and maintain feel Cleveland CG16 irons come in 3-PW set configuration; a CG16 Tour set is also available (we tested the standard CG16).

What kind of shafts do Cleveland Irons have?

A mid-flexpoint, 85-gram “Cleveland Traction” steel shaft provides smooth power to back up soft feel throughout the set. Cleveland has lengthened the shafts, too, but by a modest amount. A stock 7-iron is a quarter-inch longer than modern standard length.